How to Use Goals to Improve Productivity

Hand putting the last piece of wooden blocks with the dart target icon

If the goal-setting process is done incorrectly, it can be quite ineffective and actually demoralize team members. On the other hand, using goals the right way can benefit the entire organization and improve overall performance. Keep in mind, the goals must be measurable and attainable.

Think of the work that create the most value

Make a list of work completed throughout the day, and focus on those that create the most value. To illustrate, checking email can be considered a time killer, where work on time-sensitive projects may be considered more valuable. Then, make a list of the items that will help your team and company meet its objectives and set goals around those.

Ask your team members for feedback

You want your team members to grow and improve. And, when your team members grow and improve, so does your organization. So then, ask for their feedback around the likelihood of achieving specific goals. Moreover, try to create SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, results-oriented, time-bound). Also, give your team members a sense of ownership around how they achieve these goals. Plus, throw in a few stretch goals to push productivity and performance.

Align team member goals with your strategic objectives

Employees are more incline to accept increased responsibility, when shown a direct correlation of their goal attainment. Make sure your team members understand how their goals will directly impact your company’s goals. As a result, they will feel more motivated and committed to achieving those goals. Team members will also get the sense of feeling more engaged with your company’s success.

Final thought

Goals don’t have to be mundane. If executed properly, they can set the stage for improving both commitment and productivity.

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