Streamline the Way You Manage Sales Commissions

Automate and manage the calculation, tracking and payment of sales commissions and variable incentives within your organization. HRSoft is sales commission software that increases transparency and accuracy, leading to a more motivated sales team.
Sales Commission Software

Optimize Commission Calculations

HRSoft's calculation engine automates commission calculations based on predefined structures, reducing errors and manual effort in payroll processing.

Enhance the accuracy of your sales commissions and variable incentives while saving time for your HR team so they can focus on more strategic tasks.


Gain Visibility Into Variable Pay Calculations

Provide new levels of transparency to variable pay calculations by clearly communicating how and why employees are compensated.

HRSoft offers detailed breakdowns of how variable pay is calculated and outlines the factors and criteria involved.


Make Compensation Data More Accessible

Empower your team with self-service tools that help manage plan updates, overrides and detailed breakdowns of compensation data.

By streamlining daily administrative tasks for HR, finance and executive teams, they can access and manage compensation information more easily. The result is smoother operations and improved decision-making processes.


Leverage Software That Evolves with Your Needs

Continue to evolve your compensation programs with HRSoft's scalable, low-code no-code platform.

We continuously update our compensation management software so your team can make iterative improvements, implement changes swiftly and customize solutions without extensive coding knowledge.

Simplify Complex Compensation Strategies

Give your team the tools they need to make better compensation decisions from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales commissions are incentives or bonuses paid to sales representatives or employees based on the sales they generate. These commissions are typically a percentage of the revenue from sales, and they serve as a motivational tool to drive sales performance and reward employees for their efforts.
Sales commission software is a compensation management tool designed to automate and manage the process of calculating, tracking and distributing sales commissions. It streamlines commission calculations, provides real-time data to help with transparency and ensures accuracy in commission payouts.
Automating sales commissions involves using software specifically designed for commission management. These software solutions can integrate with CRM systems to track sales data, calculate commissions based on predefined rules or formulas, generate commission reports and facilitate seamless payout processes.
Sales performance management (SPM) refers to the strategies, processes and tools used by organizations to improve and optimize sales performance. It encompasses various aspects such as setting sales targets, monitoring performance metrics, providing coaching and training to sales teams and aligning sales goals with overall business objectives.
Sales performance is crucial for businesses as it directly impacts revenue generation and overall profitability. A high-performing sales team can drive increased sales volumes, acquire new customers, retain existing ones and contribute to business growth. Effective sales performance management ensures that sales teams are motivated, well-equipped and aligned with the organization’s objectives to achieve sustainable success.
Variable incentives are components of a compensation plan that are not fixed and can vary based on performance, results or other specific criteria. These incentives are designed to motivate employees to achieve certain goals or targets and align their performance with the organization’s objectives. Unlike base salary, which is a fixed amount, variable incentives fluctuate and can include bonuses, commissions, profit-sharing, stock options and other performance-based rewards.