The Global Leader In Compensation Management Software

HRsoft is the trusted global leader in compensation management. Our COMPview solution is proven to systematically control and simplify the development and allocation of merit, bonus and equity awards to drive manager and employee engagement, performance and retention.

We started almost 20 years ago as a full suite of SaaS-based people management solutions supported by terrific vision and outstanding technology. And, while we attracted an enviable list of full suite clients, we knew that our heart and our strength was really concentrated in the areas of Compensation Management and Total Rewards. Today, our COMPview and REWARDview solutions are widely regarded as the best in the industry and allow us to help our clients to simplify complex processes, empower their teams and engage and retain their best employees.



Proven, Valued Partner to Domestic and Global Enterprises

Since our inception, HRsoft has been more than just a solutions ‘provider’. In many cases, we’re seen as a part of our clients’ teams. That’s because we take the time to understand needs, and configure our solution to meet those needs. We then flawlessly implement our solution using our own in-house experts. We are very proud of our client retention rate and of the terrific references that our clients provide.

Our team has worked in the HR Technology, Compensation and Total Rewards spaces for decades, and our client relationships exist across North America and around the world. We enable translations of comp plans into 60 different currencies, work across every level of organizations, and bring both knowledge and insight to every client engagement.



A Seasoned Team Makes All The Difference

We know that the best companies are built by the best people, and that the best people continually strive for excellence when they are supported by the best leaders. Our leadership team embodies that principle, allowing our teams to flourish and our clients to experience the kind of attention and commitment that have become a hallmark of HRsoft.

David Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer

David has more than twenty years of experience leading HR service and technology companies. He has been a driving force in compensation management software for nearly a decade and is responsible for leading HRsoft and its sharp focus on serving the needs of the Company’s compensation management clients around the globe.

Tushar Ghoshal

Chief Technology Officer

Tushar is a master in the enterprise architecture and cloud computing field, and has devoted the last 10+ years to compensation management and total rewards. He has worked with Kadiri, who developed the first enterprise class compensation management software, and with Proact Technologies who developed one of the first software-based Total Rewards portals.

Eric Dirks

Executive VP, Sales

Eric is responsible for all aspects of business development and sales strategy for COMPview by HRsoft and brings to the Company his background in sales and management leadership for a variety of SaaS, technology and professional services organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to HRsoft, Eric’s led two private equity companies, including a SaaS provider of employee benefits.

S. Austin Muzumdar

SVP, Products & Services

Austin and his team are responsible for the success and delight of every HRsoft client. With 15+ years of hands-on experience in configuring and implementing every HRsoft solution, Austin has deep roots in compensation and benefits from Aon Hewitt and Mellon HR.

Ezra Schneier

Corporate Development Officer

Ezra is responsible for strategic partnerships and alliances. The company works closely with leading businesses that share goals and complementary offerings to make a positive difference for employers. Through collaboration with strategic partners, HRsoft supports clients with added value, technical interfaces and enhanced solutions.



Every Industry, Every Size

From worldwide enterprises to midsize manufacturers, HRsoft is trusted by leading organizations across the globe. Working with companies in just about every industry, we have honed our Compensation and Total Rewards solutions to meet the needs of all companies. Our clients remain loyal to us and are a constant source of reference to their colleagues. Some of these clients are shown below. CLICK HERE FOR CLIENT CASE STUDIES.



Leveraging Existing Technologies For a Seamless Data Experience

HRsoft partners with leading HR service providers whose offerings complement our COMPview and REWARDview solutions. We are proud to have just been named as the Preferred Compensation Partner for Ultimate Software.

Some of our partners are shown below. To become a partner, please contact us at 866.953.8800



We’re in This Business to Help You Better Manage Your Business

At HRsoft, our focus is very clear. We want to do what we do best so that we can help our clients be the best.

Our Mission:

To help our clients to grow by providing customized compensation software solutions that assist them in defining and controlling merit, bonus and equity decisions within budget guidelines, creating simplicity out of complexity, and rewarding and recognizing the right people within their organization.

Our Vision:

To be the leader in compensation management software solutions, leveraging our technological expertise, global compensation knowledge and in-house implementation strengths to give our clients greater control and ability to use compensation as a strategic tool to engage and retain their most valued employees within defined financial parameters.

Our Values:

We take seriously our responsibility to stay ahead of compensation news, to share relevant insights and needs with our clients, and to accommodate changes in our solutions as business and regulatory needs evolve. Commitment: We are committed to our clients, to the privacy and security of their data, and to helping them to control and manage even the most complex compensation plans across their organizations.

We are honest, respectful and forthright and we adhere to the highest ethical standards of business conduct, protecting the best interests of our employees, and those of our clients. We stand behind our people, process and solutions, and are accountable for providing a level of service that respects the trust placed in us.

We approach compensation management as a tool to empower HR leaders and line managers to make more sound and strategic decisions about the rewards provided to their most valued employees. We empower line managers with the tools needed to make these decisions, and empower HR managers with real time visibility into those decisions on an employee-by-employee basis. Further, we empower organizations to not only do a better and more controlled job of planning, but to engage their employees through communication that closes the engagement loop and puts their rewards in perspective.

We work with our clients’ teams to understand and accommodate their specific compensation challenges and to bring proven solutions to address each. We align with existing HR systems to affect a seamless flow of key data so that variables to be considered in compensation decisions can be utilized easily. And, we collaborate through the assignment of a dedicated Engagement Manager to each client as an ongoing point of contact for design, support, implementation and customization of our clients’ specific solutions.