Compensation Management for
Financial Services

The financial services industry is shaped by market shifts involving digital transformation, ESG initiatives and AI advancements. Meanwhile, customers demand better digital experiences and convenience, and regulations focused on consumer protection are ever-changing. To succeed in this dynamic landscape, you need dedicated employees who are paid their worth. HRSoft gives you tools to reward top performers and effectively communicate compensation to all employees.

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Transform the Way You Manage Compensation

HRSoft’s compensation management software addresses the unique needs of financial services organizations by providing features that support regulatory compliance, diverse employee groups and varied compensation structures.

HRSoft Is Purpose-Built for Financial Services

In the financial services sector, it’s crucial to get compensation right so your employees are paid fairly and you avoid regulatory pitfalls. We developed HRSoft to support the compensation management needs of all types of financial services organizations.

Capital Markets

HRSoft makes it easy to navigate compensation in global markets. With features that manage global pay requirements, multi-currency conversions and language translations, HRSoft is the trusted platform for capital markets.


Compensation within insurance companies is multi-layered, as you have separate pay structures based on employee roles. HRSoft helps you manage different compensation structures for insurance brokers, investment advisors and other employees so everyone is paid properly.

Retail Banking

When you tie compensation to performance incentives, cross-selling incentives or other metrics, you can use HRSoft to ensure your tellers and bank managers are rewarded at the right time, every time.

Alternative Asset Management

Whether you work with hedge funds, private equity, venture capital or real estate, you need a compensation management platform that can align employee incentives with company goals, manage risks and ensure compliance. HRSoft fits the bill.

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Managing your organization’s compensation lifecycle shouldn’t break the bank. Discover how much money you can save annually by switching to our state-of-the-art compensation lifecycle management software.

Simplify Complex Compensation Strategies

Give your team the tools they need to make better compensation decisions from day one.