Compensate Employees
Wherever They Are

Global enterprises use HRSoft to streamline compensation processes that comply with international regulations. Boost employee satisfaction and retention with compensation management software that enhances the compensation experience for international workers.
International Capabilities

Promote Fair Compensation

Effectively manage regional pay variations with workflows that adjust to currency fluctuations, ensuring fair and competitive compensation across different locations.

Our platform also provides visibility into compensation decisions made at the local level, enabling centralized oversight and alignment with your organization's global compensation strategy.


Convert Currency with Confidence

Manage global pay requirements no matter which HRIS you have in place.

HRSoft offers robust multi-currency conversion capabilities, allowing global organizations to seamlessly handle compensation in multiple currencies across various regions.

Minimize potential errors with our automated conversion tool for accurate and up-to-date currency rates.


Enhance Compensation Comprehension

HRSoft's language translations extend to compensation-related documents, ensuring that employees can access and understand their compensation details in their preferred language.

Promote transparency, enhance employee comprehension and reduce potential misunderstandings about compensation among employees with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

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Simplify Complex Compensation Strategies

Give your team the tools they need to make better compensation decisions from day one.