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AbbVie Simplified Its

Comp Lifecycle Management

When AbbVie wanted to simplify its pay equity process with automated reports, it turned to HRSoft’s compensation lifecycle solution for optimal results.

USI Insurance Services

Realized a 2x ROI

Discover how USI Insurance Services transformed its HR operations and experienced an impressive ROI by replacing its spreadsheets with our cutting-edge compensation lifecycle software.

“Had the executive review meeting yesterday with our global chairman of the board and received his approval; then the final reports were sent off to the parent company in Japan for final approvals. The system was fantastic. We received quite a few kudos from the business units. Nintendo hit the jackpot with HRSoft.”

Director, HR

“Honestly, this has been one of the least stressful merits I’ve had in the last five years. I never thought I’d say that, considering we’re implementing a new system on top of the normal merit work, but that’s how excellent [your implementation managers] have been.”

Kyle, Global HRIS and Data Manager

“We tried to automate with Workday and other solutions but have found them incompatible with our pay plan complexities. What we like best is that even though our plans are complex, end users find the tool very easy to use.”

Brian, Compensation Manager

“We completed a full replacement of an old, outdated solution with COMPview to plan and pay salary increases, incentive payments from 20 plans and long-term incentive awards. Great response from users, easy, flexible, intuitive. Great support from HRSoft.”

Luke, VP of Compensation

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