Compensation Management for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies have a diverse group of employees with different pay structures that require varying timelines, needs and strategies. HRSoft’s compensation management software empowers you to align the entire organization to your business objectives, ensuring each employee group is remunerated strategically to maximize performance and results.

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Different Employee Types

Seamlessly manage varied work schedules, compensation structures and contractual agreements for all types of employees, such as full-time workers, part-time, seasonal & union workers.

Performance-Driven Incentives

Link performance to compensation incentives, whether they are tied to production targets, optimization goals, or business unit and team results.

Make data-driven decisions on compensation with intelligent dashboards, reports and analytics.

All-Encompassing Total Rewards Communication

When you have a comprehensive total rewards package that includes benefits, perks and wellness initiatives, you need a way to communicate all of it to your employees so they understand the full value of their compensation.

HRSoft offers fully branded compensation statements for mobile devices to ensure all employees – especially hourly workers – can access and understand their rewards package.

Efficient Compliance & Cost Control

Audit tracking compliance and compensation committee reporting is essential for maintaining transparency, accountability and regulatory adherence in your compensation management practices.

Ensure accuracy and completeness in audit trails by tracking and documenting all compensation-related activities.

HRSoft Is Made for Manufacturers

HRSoft’s compensation management software can be customized to suit the needs of different workforces, ensuring that compensation can be tailored for every employee in your manufacturing organization. By addressing current manufacturing challenges and anticipating future needs, we provide a comprehensive solution that not only solves immediate problems but also prepares you for the future.

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Managing your manufacturing company’s compensation lifecycle shouldn’t break the bank. Discover how much money you can save annually by switching to our state-of-the-art compensation lifecycle management software.

Simplify Complex Manufacturing Compensation Strategies

Give your team the tools they need to make better compensation decisions from day one.