Experience a Work Culture That Helps You Thrive

At HRSoft, we’re proud to foster a work culture that amplifies our employees, clients and communities. Together, we can transform the world of compensation management for all.

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HRSoft isn’t just an organization – it’s a family. Every member of our diverse, hybrid team is treated with respect, which facilitates our positive and inclusive working environment. Our offices are located in Denver, CO, and Maitland, FL. We also have a remote workforce throughout the US and Canada.

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Group of HRSoft employees


Our vision is to be the leading provider of comprehensive and innovative compensation management solutions for mid-size and enterprise organizations, helping them effectively:

  • Manage their total rewards programs.
  • Retain top talent.
  • Gain valuable insights.
  • Drive business outcomes.


Our mission is to empower your organization with the most comprehensive, user-friendly and innovative compensation management platform.

As a trusted partner, we provide:

  • Personalized support.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Help with navigating the compensation management and total rewards landscape.
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HRSoft team members on a Zoom call for a team event


We strive to continuously grow and evolve while maintaining a collaborative approach to success. Our team and culture embodies this theme by:

  • Staying ahead of the curve through innovation.
  • Putting the customer at the forefront of decision-making.
  • Embracing change and improvement.
  • Working together as a team to achieve shared goals.


These guiding principles define who we are and shape the way we engage with our clients, partners and colleagues. By upholding these values, we ensure a cohesive and nurturing work environment where collaboration and innovation flourish.

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Driving breakthrough ideas and technologies that revolutionize our industry and transform the way our clients do business.

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Customer Focus

Putting the needs of our clients first and providing them with personalized support.

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Continuous Improvement

Constantly seeking ways to improve our platform, processes and services to better meet the needs of our clients.

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Upholding the highest ethical standards and demonstrating honesty, transparency and accountability in all of our actions and decisions.

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Encouraging clear, consistent communication and collaboration among employees and fostering a sense of teamwork to achieve common goals.

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Workforce Well-Being

Valuing the well-being and work-life balance of our employees and striving to provide a supportive and flexible work environment that enables them to THRIVE.


Once a month, women from HRSoft and other Bow River Software Growth Equity Portfolio companies meet to support each other and learn new skills.

The Lean In Circle is a place where we can be unapologetically ambitious, expand our networks and help one another to achieve our goals.

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Collage of HRSoft employee spotlights


When employees go above and beyond, they deserve to be recognized for their contributions. That’s why we spotlight employees for their outstanding work and recognize those who embody our Core Values.

These spotlights serve as more than just a fleeting moment of recognition; they’re a heartfelt tribute to the tireless commitment and unwavering enthusiasm our employees infuse into their work.


Upon joining the HRSoft team, you will receive a bundle of HRSoft swag so you can look and feel like a part of the team. This includes a rotation of items, including:

  • HRSoft T-shirts.
  • HRSoft notebooks and pens.
  • HRSoft water bottles.
  • HRSoft stickers.

We also place swag orders throughout the year, including holiday gifts at year-end based on employee suggestions! Previous orders have included winter jackets, tumblers, and backpacks.

Collage of HRSoft swag, including a shirt, notebook, water bottle and sticker
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At HRSoft, we love to celebrate our people! Some of our favorite ways to celebrate employees include:

  • High fives in 15Five.
  • Celebrations channels.
  • Monthly company newsletters.
  • Major life event gifts.
  • Work anniversary gifts.
  • Quarterly core values awards.
  • Employee referral bonus program.


Every other month, we get together across cities and countries in a Virtual Team Building Event to bond as a full company and get to know each other better!

These foster connections between departments and locations, and some competitive fun to win prizes.

Group of HRSoft team members at an event in Toronto


We all thrive in different ways, and HRSoft wants to help. That’s why we give employees THRIVE Bucks to use on anything that will help them thrive. Your call to action is to inspire others in the process.

Collage of all the products purchased using HRSoft THRIVE bucks, including a sauna, headphones, glasses, concert tickets and more


At HRSoft, we are dedicated to nurturing a holistic and supportive environment for our employees, which is reflected in our comprehensive benefits program. Our benefits extend far beyond the traditional, encompassing a range of offerings designed to enhance the well-being and professional growth of our team members.

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Medical benefits

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Flexible time off

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12 paid holidays

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Fully stocked kitchen in our Maitland and Denver offices

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401(k) matching

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Paid parental leave

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Onsite gym in our Denver office

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THRIVE Bucks to spend on anything that helps you thrive


Whether you’re an experienced professional or fresh talent, your unique skills and perspectives are integral to our success. Join us in creating meaningful solutions, forging connections and shaping a brighter future in the realm of compensation management.