Communicate Compensation with Custom Statements

Easily manage and securely distribute custom and personalized total compensation statements to your team.
Compensation Statements

Utilize Professional Templates

Ensure consistency across all communications with templated compensation statements. Design or customize pre-designed templates to align with your company's branding and communication guidelines.

HRSoft offers a range of professionally designed templates that are polished and cohesive, making it easy to present clear information.


Streamline Statement Delivery

Leverage automated workflows to ensure that compensation statements are accurately generated and distributed on schedule, reducing administrative burden and minimizing errors.

Employees will receive timely notifications when their statements are ready, and they can conveniently access their information online from any device at any time.


Tailor Your Statements to Each Employee

Personalize statements for each employee to reflect their unique compensation details and other pertinent information.

Deliver tailored and relevant statements to help employees feel acknowledged and appreciated for their work.


Give Stakeholders Access to Key Tools

Enable efficient communication process management by empowering administrators, HR professionals and managers with the tools to view, download and distribute statements directly from the platform.

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Simplify Complex Compensation Strategies

Give your team the tools they need to make better compensation decisions from day one.