Why HRSoft?

A Digital Transformation for HR Processes

Get the features, functionality and products you need fast — so you can keep budgets, employees and communications on track. Automate the entire Workstream® without ever having to leave your core HRIS or HCM suite. 

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HRSoft delivers the world’s best solutions for compensation management, employee rewards communication, continuous performance management – and more. And they plug right into your core suite.

Our Tech

Our cutting-edge platform lets us build and innovate faster than anyone in the industry.

The world is changing. Your needs are changing. Only HRSoft can check every box – no matter how complex.

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Our Team

We work in some pretty challenging spaces. That’s why HRSoft hires industry veterans to help us craft solutions that meet the needs of real-world HR professionals – not just developers.

And once you’re working with HRSoft, you’re family. We only succeed when you do, so our support team never lets up.

Our Process

HRSoft’s core belief is that all HR software should be awesome. We’re all about identifying and fixing broken processes. It’s about creating real, tangible results – and that takes years of experience and rich expertise to pull off.

Want more from your core HR suite? You know, the one you invested a million bucks in? Then you need HRSoft.

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