Upcoming Live Webinars

  • Modernizing Pay-For-Performance Methods: The Elements of a Successful Shift

    Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 1pm EST

    Guest Presenter: Sam Reeve

    We’ve all seen the headlines in recent years: leading organizations like Microsoft, GE, and Accenture have changed the way they measure employee performance. This major shift shows no sign of slowing down. Other companies are increasingly following their lead, and for good reasons[…]

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  • Total Rewards Elements: Designing Pay Plans for Desired Results

    Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 1pm EST

    Guest Presenter: Kimberly Ho

    Designing a Total Rewards Plan is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It takes proactive planning and thoughtful design to craft a solid rewards package that drives desired employee behaviours and business outcomes. The true challenge lies in making sure each piece complements the other to support overarching company goals.

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  • COMPview Demo Day

    Date: On Demand

    Guest Presenter: Austin Muzumdar(VP of Products)

    Join us for a brief 30 minute demo of the industry's #1 compensation planning software. In this demo we will share how this complete compensation system is helping leading companies reduce the time and stress associated with complex compensation cycles by fully automating a more streamlined, accurate and auditable process.

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Recorded Webinars

  • The Current State of Executive Pay: Analyzing Key Compensation Trends for CEOs & Directors

    Compensation is one of the most effective ways to communicate a company’s priorities and values. Well-designed compensation programs reinforce organizational strategy and motivate the achievement of critical business outcomes. It is therefore[…]

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  • The Gender Pay Gap: Facts, Fallacies and Forward-Thinking Comp Strategies

    There is a long-held understanding that a “gender pay gap” exists in the U.S. We’ve all seen the frequently cited statistic: the average woman’s salary is 75-80% of that of the average man’s. Each year, April 10th marks “Equal Pay Day,” because as day[…]
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  • 4 Keys to Building a Pay Strategy that Improves Engagement

    In today’s competitive job market, your company's pay strategy plays a critical role in the engagement and retention of your employees. Pay remains the #1 reason employees leave, but it can also be a key reason they stay engaged. The problem is that most companies are still unsure[…]

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