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Overcoming Workforce Challenges with Strategic Compensation Initiatives

Date: July 19th, 2017 at 1pm EST

Guest Presenter: Theresa Worman

Join us for an exclusive HRCI/SHRM training webinar with industry expert Theresa Worman (EVP at Compdata Surveys & Consulting) to learn how leading organizations are successfully tackling one of the most difficult recruitment and retention climates in recent history using a powerful combination of compensation data and planning.

Theresa will share current market data trends and innovative compensation initiatives some employers are implementing to recruit and retain top performers.

Total Retention: Pre & Post Hire Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent

Date: December 13, 2016 at 1pm EST

Special Guest: Dr. Patrick Hauenstein & John Reynolds

With turnover costs on the rise and job markets more competitive, retention has become a top priority for many organizations. The question is how to go about tackling this complex issue. Leading organizations are shifting from the traditional reactive model to a proactive pre and post hire process to target turnover before it happens.

In this exclusive HRCI training webinar, join noted talent management expert Dr. Patrick Hauenstein and HR Senior Leader John Reynolds as they share practical tips on how to create a total retention approach including:

Recorded Webinars

  • Paying People Right: How to Attract & Retain Employees on a Budget

    In this webinar, compensation experts Andy Rosen (Andrew Rosen Consulting) and Deb Grigson (eConsultingNetwork) share effective strategies for paying your people right with consistent, simple, integrated, and transparent processes supported by appropriate competitiveness along with fair and equitable pay structures and delivery methods.

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  • Beyond Compensation: Leveraging HR Technology for Your Total Rewards Strategy

    In this webinar, HR technology expert Jacqueline Kuhn will share tips on how the various types of HR technology systems can be leveraged for planning and monitoring your total rewards strategy.

    Get insider tips on how to select the best total rewards technology for your organization along with best […]

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  • Total Rewards Framework: Developing a compelling employee experience for a changing workforce

    In this webinar, special guest presenter Steve Gross (Senior Partner at Mercer) shares the future of Total Rewards by understanding past practices and anticipating what is required to be successful by balancing the needs of employee retention, attraction and engagement with productivity and performance supported through the […]

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  • Effective Strategies for Dealing with Pay Transparency Demands

    Pay transparency is becoming an increasingly important and challenging issue for organizations to address. There is growing pressure to disclose compensation information, not only at the executive-level, but at the employee-level as well.

    Regulators and those with vested interests are placing new demands on organizations to reveal data that has typically been kept confidential.

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  • HR’s Strategic Shift: How to Leverage HR Technology to Drive Business Results

    The role and responsibility of Human Resources is shifting dramatically, from “administrative data provider” to “strategic business partner”. The key driver of this transformation is emerging technology that enables HR leaders impact strategy that drives effectiveness and help achieve organizational results.

    In this exclusive webinar, join HR technology author and consultant Marc S Miller as he discusses how the…

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  • The Proactive Compensation Professional: Practical Tips for Reducing Compensation Cycle Time & Stress

    Most compensation professionals are forced into a reactive mode for nearly everything they do. From last minute changes to unrealistic timelines, it’s a difficult job to execute efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.

    In this exclusive HRCI training webinar, join compensation experts Dan Walter & Sam Reeve of Performensation…

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  • Total Retention: Pre & Post Hire Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent

    Does your organization have high turnover costs? With job markets becoming more competitive, retention has become a top priority for many organizations. The question is how to go about tackling this complex issue. Leading organizations are shifting from the traditional reactive model to a proactive pre and post hire process to target turnover before it happens.

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  • Insider Secrets

    HR Cloud Cleanup: How to Effectively Connect HR Cloud Applications to Save Time & Money

    Does it ever feel like technology is making your job tougher? You're not alone! HR professionals are constantly being asked to do more with less with the expectation that new technology will help. Join HR technology expert, Rick Barfoot (CTO of HRNX) as he shares simple, easy-to-understand strategies for helping organizations better utilize the technology they have or plan to invest in.

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  • Insider Secrets

    From Total Compensation Statements to Total Rewards – A Case Study of Increased Engagement at a Lower Cost.

    Total compensation statements are a great tool to drive employee engagement and retention…the problem is that traditional printed annual statements are not only outdated from the time they are printed but are expensive and time consuming to produce for HR teams with limited resources.

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  • Insider Secrets

    The DOL’s New Overtime Rules. The Impact of the New Rules and Compliance Preparation

    The DOL has published its final rules on Exemption and New Overtime Rules which President Obama predicts 4 to 5 million additional workers will be eligible for overtime pay. The effective date for the new rules is December 1, 2016 and employers need to start now to assess their current position classification levels and understand the various options to ensure compliance of the new rules by the effective date.

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  • Insider Secrets

    The Employee Value Proposition: How to Increase the Perceived Value of Your Total Rewards

    Today, Compensation and Rewards professionals are challenged with finding a way to communicate the value of employment to an expanding number of roles in extremely competitive job markets. In this exclusive webinar, Tony Kerekes, CHRL, shares inside strategies for adapting to the changing workforce and job market with a more effective total rewards program that gets results!

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  • Insider Secrets

    Rules of the Road for the Expatriate Journey: Tips ’N Tricks for Getting it Right

    Everyone knows that sending an employee off on an international assignment is an expensive proposition, but those big bucks are only the tip of the iceberg as to what can go wrong. In this webinar, Founder & Principal of CMC Compensation Group, Chuck Csizmar shares tips on how to create a win-win scenario for both a company and assignee when sending an employee off on an international assignment.

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  • Insider Secrets

    Insider Secrets to Ensuring a Successful Compensation Planning Cycle

    Many compensation leaders are faced with the annual challenge of flawlessly executing a long and complicated compensation cycle both tactically and strategically. In this webinar, the former VP of Compensation and HRIS for the NBA, Jean Casner, shares her 5 insider secrets for implementing a successful compensation planning cycle.

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  • compensation planning automation

    How to Use Big Data For Better Compensation Benchmarking

    In this webinar, Cary Sparrow, CEO of Greenwich.HR discusses how compensation professionals are evolving to become the experts of talent economics and shares practical examples of how you can adjust your compensation practices to reduce the time you spend on administration.

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  • compensation planning automation

    Communicating Total Rewards – 3 Keys to Building Engagement & Retention

    Even with all the hard work done by compensation and HR leaders, most employees don't understand the value of their employment package. In this webinar, experienced compensation consultant, Zachary Weinberger, shares how to make your existing compensation program a powerful retention tool.

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  • compensation planning automation

    Targeting Turnover – How to Use Stay Interviews to Dramatically Cut Turnover Costs

    Regardless of industry, company size or department function, turnover is a very real bottom line cost that can be measured in lost productivity, performance or profitability. In this webinar, we share how leading organizations are using stay interviews to dramatically cut turnover costs using a proven method that can be implemented by any sized team.

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  • compensation planning automation

    Comp Planning Pros – How to Design a Cash Compensation Program for Global & Growing Organizations

    In this webinar global compensation consultant, John Rubino shares how leading global organizations are designing compensation plans to better utilize available budgets with a more strategic and streamlined approach.

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  • compensation planning automation

    What Every Employer Needs To Know About Background Check Compliance

    With litigation against healthcare employers at an all-time high for violations related to their use of background checks, make sure you understand your legal obligations before relying on this critical hiring tool. This webinar, presented by PreCheck, Inc’s Vice President of Compliance, Vu Do, covers the compliance essentials to protect healthcare employers running background checks.

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  • 022

    How to Build A Competitive Pay Structure with Compensation Survey Data

    In this webinar, MarketPay’s CEO, Mark Avery, shares how organizations can better leverage compensation survey data in order to build a more competitive pay structure.

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  • 001

    4 Best Practices for Automating Complex Comp Planning

    Does your comp planning involve employees working at multiple locations, in multiple countries, or require complex pay and equity plans?  As compensation planning continues to change and get more complex, many HR and compensation leaders are looking for ways to simplify, streamline and automate the process.

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  • 002

    5 Essentials for a Compliant, Defensible & Effective Compensation Program

    With all the new and pending FLSA and Comparable Worth laws, it is important that organizations maintain compliant and defensible job descriptions and a fair and equitable compensation management program.

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  • 003

    The Stay Interview Quick Start Plan – 5 Key Questions That Will Dramatically Improve Your Retention Results

    Last year we revealed “The Stay Interview Secret”.  Now that people have heard and read about Stay Interviews, the question we get is –  how do we get started?

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  • 004

    3 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity with Compensation Planning

    Compensation planning has traditionally been a specialized function of the HR department, not linked directly enough to other initiatives such as employee engagement – but that’s all beginning to change.

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  • 005

    Revealing the Risks Associated with Global Compensation Programs

    Join us for an exclusive presentation from the world’s leading compensation planning & tax experts, Ernst & Young, as they share inside strategies and best practices they have used to help companies around the world save millions in fines, penalties and judgments.

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  • 006

    Stay Interview Success – How To Turn Managers Into Retention Rockstars

    There seems to be a secret that only HR knows…managers drive who quits and who stays. So the solution for solving turnover problems must not only engage the employee but also the manager.  The solution: Stay Interviews.

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  • 007

    The High Impact Recruiter: 4 Ways to Recruit & Retain Highly Engaged Employees

    Competition for top talent is fierce.  Keeping candidates engaged before, during and after the hiring process is a huge challenge.  For today’s High Impact Recruiter – there’s a better way to recruit & retain top talent.

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  • 008

    The Engagement Roadmap

    With all the buzz about engagement over the past few years, the reality is that most programs are not generating measurable, bottom-line results.  But the problem is not necessarily what you are doing, but rather how you are doing it!

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  • 009

    Building A High Impact Talent Management Organization

    In this compelling new webinar, you will hear unique perspectives from a panel of special guest experts (Practitioners, Consultants & Vendors) on how High Impact Talent Management™ is being used by today’s HR leaders to improve engagement, retention & bottom line results by focusing on 3 key areas.

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  • 010

    The Art of HR Influence – How to Build a Better Business Case for HR Technology Projects

    In this entertaining and informative webinar, Silicon Valley Bank’s Director of HR Operations – Christopher Ford, will share keen insight from his 20+ years of technology experience in the Silicon Valley on how to help influence executives to approve your HR technology projects.

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  • 011

    The Stay Interview Secret: A Simple Strategy to Dramatically Increase Retention & Engagement

    Is employee turnover a serious issue for your organization?   Are your current engagement programs and surveys no longer effective?  Chances are you have the right intentions, but just the wrong tools.

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  • 012

    Customer Case Study Webinar with Ameriprise Financial

    For many organizations, the comp planning process is becoming too time and resource intensive.  Managers are struggling to go through the comp planning process, stay within budgets and still try running their departments.

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  • 013

    High Impact Performance Management – Bashas’ Case Study

    In this webinar, you will hear from Director of HR Development, Don Adams, the fascinating story of how Bashas’ Family Grocery Stores is using their loyal and talented workforce with innovative performance management processes to compete in a highly competitive industry.   Discover how this approach is turning their 8,500 associates into their competitive advantage and impacting productivity, engagement and retention.

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  • 014

    The 3 Shortfalls of Employee Surveys & How Stay Interviews Can Help

    Have you been using engagement and exit surveys without success?  Is employee turnover cost becoming a big issue for your organization?   Chances are you have the right intentions, but just the wrong tools.

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  • 015

    Rethinking Total Rewards How To Transform Recruiting & Retention With High Impact Total Rewards

    Many organizations are looking for a tool to help attract, reward, engage and retain top talent.  A Total Rewards program offers an impactful, cost-effective way to achieve this.  However, Total rewards is no longer about “automated comp statements”, it’s a critical year-round, strategic tool for HR.

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  • 016

    COMPview™ Demo Day

    Whether you are struggling with spreadsheets or just starting your search for a better comp planning solution – you won’t want to miss this!  In this brief 30 minute demo you will lean how COMPview™ can help.

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  • 017

    STAYview™ Demo Day

    If you are looking for a way to dramatically increase engagement or lower turnover costs – you won’t want to miss this!  In this brief 30 minute demo you will lean how STAYview™ can help:

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  • 018

    PERFORMview™ Demo Day

    Learn how this strategic tool is helping line managers maximize employee productivity, align pay with performance and ensure individual goals are aligned with the overall business goals.  This demo will cover:

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  • 019

    RECRUITview™ Demo Day

    Learn how employers and recruiters are using this new generation of cloud-based, recruiting technology to create a better, faster and smarter way to hire highly engaged employees.  This demo will cover:

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  • 020

    REWARDview™ Demo Day

    Learn how this interactive solution gives employees visibility into the total investment your company makes in them providing a year-round, real-time strategic tool for employee engagement and retention.  This demo will cover:

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  • 021

    CONTENTview™ Demo Day

    Learn how organizations are improving employee service, lowering HR support costs and improving engagement with this this powerful tool.

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