The HR Industry's Most Configurable, Scalable and Secure SaaS System.

What's Inside Our In.S.IT.E. Technology

Our proprietary InSITE Technology™ provides unparalleled power, flexibility and security for all of our cloud-based HR solutions. Built upon our advanced Infrastructure Tenancy model we offer the industry's most configurable, secure and scalable SaaS platform.  The result is fast, easy to use talent management software that seamlessly integrates with any core HRIS system of record.


InSITE Technology enables our TALENTview Management System to offer plug-and-play integration with any HRIS system of record (or 3rd party module).  This helps large, multi-national clients with data spread across multiple systems of record better leverage existing technology investments.


Utilizing our proprietary HRMerge data mapping technology, clients are able to import/export data in the format of their choosing in a fully encrypted format to maintain the highest level of security, privacy and data integrity.


Our advanced security structure and protocols are superior to any other in the industry. At HRsoft, we manage and fully control all layers of our SaaS platform creating a more reliable and consistent experience for our clients. Unlike traditional SaaS models, our unique Infrastructure Tenancy model ensures that all web traffic for one client never touches or comingles with requests from another.


This allows every client’s platform to operate completely isolated from all others resulting in a greater level of performance, security and reliability. Combine that with our SOC 1 Certification and you have the most secure talent management technology available.


Our advanced SaaS infrastructure provides the industry's only “layered” architecture model giving our clients a powerful and flexible advantage you cannot find anywhere else. At HRsoft our software is more than a suite of applications, it is a completely self-sufficient hosting platform.


This advanced architecture allows us to configure and optimize the hosting environment, in addition to the software, for each of our clients and eliminates dependency on unreliable 3rd party vendors. Included with all of our software, this Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model provides a faster, safer and more scalable SaaS solution to meet the needs of each individual client.

Talent Tested

We are in the talent management software business, period. We are not a spin-off of a large, unrelated software company nor do we build HRIS systems. We specialize in best-of-breed, cloud-based SaaS solutions for talent management.


That means you get the specialized functionality you are looking for without the compromise that comes with typical HRIS or out-of-the-box solutions. With this best-of-breed focus for all of our products, we are able to continue our research and development focused on delivering the most current and innovative functionality our clients are looking for.

Ease of Use

Our software is built with the busy managers and employees in mind that use it every day. From an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to workflow automation and active advice support we make it easier for managers to embrace the HR related tasks of their jobs.


With plug-and-play HRIS integrations and minimal training, our technology makes it easier for HR to implement organization-wide adoption providing a faster time to value with a more effective and engaged workforce.

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