At HRSoft, we understand the complexities involved in managing compensation effectively. That’s why we developed COMPview, an industry-leading solution designed to streamline your compensation lifecycle management process and maximize efficiency.

Our customers have already recognized the value of investing in COMPview. It enables organizations to consolidate all compensation-related data into a single unified system, providing the necessary transparency to stakeholders across your organization and adjacent HR systems. Whether you’re struggling with the limitations of your HRIS/HCM or still managing compensation on spreadsheets, COMPview empowers you to confidently design customized, multi-faceted compensation plans that align with your values, attract and convert new hires, and drive employee engagement while reducing costly turnover.

In our recent webinar, we had the privilege of bringing together industry experts to discuss the key benefits and insights surrounding automated compensation lifecycle management. Our CEO, Joe Poxson, and our Director of Client Success and Account Management, Patrick Noma, were joined by Graziana Salvatore, Director of HR Operations at Pharmascience, and Colleen Stratton, a seasoned HR Executive and former VP of Total Rewards at First PREMIER Bank. Together, they delved into critical topics including:

  • Driving success with an agile implementation team
  • Accommodating global employees and multiple currencies in your compensation processes
  • How automating your compensation solution can significantly reduce cycle times
  • Risks associated with manual compensation lifecycle management
  • The simplicity of integrating COMPview with your HRIS/HCM

If you missed the live webinar, we’ve got you covered! The webinar recording is now available for you to watch at your convenience. Gain valuable insights and take your compensation management to new heights by accessing the recording today.

Discover how HRSoft’s COMPview solution can support your compensation goals and revolutionize your approach to managing compensation, from inception to launch and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your compensation strategy with HRSoft.

Watch the Webinar: Upgrade Your Efficiency

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