HRSoft’s New Website & Compensation Software Wins Praise Among Midsize Organizations

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New software called Compensation Business Partner and its accompanying website created by award-winning compensation planning software company HRsoft have received positive feedback from midsize organizations. By providing a cloud-based software product and online resources designed to address compensation planning challenges exclusive to organizations with 1,000 employees or fewer, HRsoft and co-developer Compensation & HR Group (CHRG) have garnered approval from a number of companies.

“There’s been a lot of great feedback from several midsize companies,” says Sarah Mannion, Sales Operations Manager of HRsoft. “Many have already begun to explore our solution in efforts to replace making pay decisions in spreadsheets, ensuring equitable pay, and avoiding costly errors.”

David Weaver, President of CHRG, also commented on the influx of positive feedback, saying, “Challenges like budgetary restraints and retention concerns affect companies of different sizes in unique ways. We’re happy to see how midsize companies are deriving value from the information available on Many visitors are realizing the software’s potential to help them make pay decisions that reward teams fairly and align with the evolving needs of their organization.”

Like its other types of software, HRSoft’s Compensation Business Partner is a cloud-based, best-of-breed solution. With intuitive tools for managing salary adjustments, merit increases, bonus planning, and job changes, the software eliminates the need for spreadsheets and provides a more secure, simplified approach to compensation management.

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HRSoft is a leading provider of cloud-based compensation planning and total rewards software. Our cloud based SaaS solutions combine best of breed features with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that simplifies and automates the entire compensation process. From complex compensation cycles to communicating total rewards, we help employers save time and their best employees. Learn more at

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