HRSoft Leads in Customer Satisfaction

HRSoft, the global leader in Compensation Management software and customizable Total Rewards Communication solutions, today announced that it recorded a Net Promoter score of 87 in the most recent polling by Medallia, the global leader in customer experience management. The score, which operates in a range of -100 to +100, measures the willingness of a customer to recommend a company’s product or service to others, and is widely recognized as a means of gauging overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We’re thrilled that the Net Promoter score is at the level it is, but even more important is that our clients express that level of satisfaction with the experience of working with us on our COMPview and REWARDview product solutions,” said David Kennedy, CEO of HRSoft. He added, “Not only are our clients saying that in surveys, but they are eager and very positive about providing recommendations to others who are looking at HRSoft, which helps to explain the dramatic growth we’ve experienced in the last quarter alone.”

Citing the current spate of new clients signing on with HRSoft, EVP Eric Dirks noted that HRSoft has not only closed a record number of new customers in the most recent quarter, but is also closing a greater percentage of larger customers. “HRSoft has always been a company whose solutions were designed for companies of 1000+ employees, but we appear to be attracting the greatest interest from larger, enterprise-size companies lately,” said Dirks. He added, “In many cases these larger companies already have an overall HCM solution that often includes Comp, but have come to recognize that Comp is a specialty that requires a dedicated, expert solution. With our ability to integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, our COMPview solution becomes an easy go-to.”

Selected by both private and public companies, COMPview simplifies and streamlines the process of managing even the most complex compensation plans, enabling its users to develop and allocate merit, bonus and equity awards; and control the entire comp planning cycle from budget modeling to employee communication. COMPview is also the preferred compensation partner of Ultimate Software.

In addition to COMPview, companies turn to HRSoft for REWARDview, a powerhouse Total Rewards Communication solution that details the total value of the employment relationship to the employee. REWARDview also provides a powerful data warehouse that allows employers to understand the total costs of their global rewards programs across regions, business units and time periods.

More information about HRSoft, and the Company’s COMPview and REWARDview solutions is available at To schedule a call, please contact us at 866-953-8800.

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HRSoft is the trusted global leader in Compensation Management and customizable Total Rewards Communication solutions. The Company’s COMPview solution is proven to systematically control, simplify and streamline the process of managing even the most complex compensation plans; while the Company’s REWARDview solution has been proven to empower teams, engage and retain top employees, and deliver delighted employees to organizations. For more information, visit

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