HRSoft Launches PERFORMview™ Performance Management Solution

New Software Invites Team Collaboration and Connects Organizational Goals

HRSoft, the global leader in compensation, rewards and goals-based performance management solutions, has launched PERFORMview™, its new performance management software.

The PERFORMview system offers a variety of supportive processes that help to simplify performance management within organizations, enabling managers to provide more effective and timely feedback and leading to a better aligned workforce.

PERFORMview brings transparency and ease of use to the performance management process. The software leverages HRSoft’s low-code technology platform to provide a modern user interface, pre-defined and easily modifiable analytics templates and online tools such as tagging, following and publishing. Users can easily publish and update key organizational priorities, and any employee in the organization can view and align with the performance goals of their leaders and teammates.

PERFORMview simulates the cross-functional collaboration that occurs throughout organizations in the way teams naturally work. Employees and managers can create work teams within the software to set, track and align work efforts and keep team members on the same page. Employees can easily view and create goals that are linked with any organizational, business unit or teammate’s goals, allowing for superior alignment among teams.

Traditional performance management processes and tools are designed to be used infrequently and often revolve around a calendar timeline, which can lead to insufficient feedback and a lack of clear alignment between employees and managers. PERFORMview eliminates these issues with automated scheduling, periodic check-in templates and a consolidated view of continuous feedback records and options for employee development. Managers can conduct timely, recurring feedback sessions to stay in sync with employees while maintaining the integrity and value of the performance review.

“HRSoft is proud to release PERFORMview, a performance management solution that helps organizations thrive in new and exciting ways,” said David Kennedy, CEO, HRSoft. “From the cross-coordination features to the easy-to-use interface, this software provides a simple, seamless overview of performance management for all team members. Our customers will find that PERFORMview serves as a holistic tool for people managers to provide timely, effective, continuous feedback and meaningful end-of-period performance reviews with employees. PERFORMview will enable organizations to better align their workforce on key goals and create a collaborative environment with happy, confident team members.”

PERFORMview also connects to COMPview™, HRSoft’s leading compensation management software, directly integrating the pay for performance process as part of a singular workflow. Upcoming features include an optional calibration sub-module to help organizations better validate employee ratings and remove bias, as well as a 9-box talent assessment to identify and work with critical high potential and high performing employees.

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HRSoft is the trusted global leader in Compensation Management, Total Rewards Communication and goals-based Performance Management solutions. The company’s COMPview™ product is the leading compensation management system for enterprise clients. COMPview is proven to systematically control, simplify and streamline the process of managing even the most complex compensation plans.  HRSoft’s proprietary low-code development platform allows the company to quickly create or configure client specific features, functions and workflows within its products. For more information, visit

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