HRSoft Launches PAYview Pay Equity Analysis Software

HRSoft Launches PAYview Pay Equity Analysis Software
New Solution Helps Organizations Analyze, Resolve and Prevent Unfair Pay Practices

HRSoft, the global leader in compensation, rewards and goals-based performance management solutions, today launched PAYview, state-of-the-art analysis software that gives full visibility into internal equal pay practices.

The issue of unequal pay is taking priority on cultural and legal fronts as organizations face increasing pressure to provide fair pay to employees, and as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is of utmost importance for company investors and board members. Calls for equity also come in the form of more expansive state laws, international obligations and employee feedback. HRSoft’s PAYview solution helps organizations monitor compensation equity almost continuously so they can prevent and resolve issues and pay employees fairly.

PAYview software utilizes HRSoft’s low-code application development platform to provide complete visibility into internal pay equity through a sleek, easy-to-use interface that can be configured to fit with existing business processes. PAYview also fully integrates with COMPview™, HRSoft’s leading compensation management software, to provide detailed information on how employees are paid.

Unexpected or unexplained pay gaps can happen for a variety of reasons, including corporate reorganizations, large amounts of hiring or reductions in force, promotions, and merit and bonus awards. With PAYview, team members and organizational leaders can manage infinite pay equity cycles, determine valid and invalid reasons for pay gaps by user-defined compensable factors and make real-time data corrections. The administrative tool also allows users to compare cohort populations simultaneously and examine gaps between employees based on gender, race and ethnicity with the powerful regression analysis function.

“PAYview brings a powerful pay equity solution to enterprises all over the world,” said Glizcel Ditto, Director, Client Solutions and Senior Strategic Consultant, HRSoft. “HRSoft is proud to be leading the revolution of fair compensation in the workplace.”

PAYview helps organizations improve DEI performance with actionable insight on how and why employees are compensated and how to remediate pay gaps. Role-defined views encourage critical team members to get involved in the process, including legal, HR, compensation, operations and third-party support. Configurable reports in the software can be extracted to provide users with the raw pay data needed for federal, state and local reporting. With solutions such as PAYview, businesses can see the full picture of their compensation practices, ensure they pay workers fairly and ultimately reach their full potential as thriving organizations that attract a diverse, valuable coalition of employees.


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