HRSoft Expands UKG Partnership By Adding Performance Management Software – PERFORMview

HRSoft Expands Technology Partnership with UKG to Include Goals and Performance Management Software

HRSoft, a leader in compensation software and goals-based performance management solutions, today announced it has expanded its technology partnership with UKG by adding PERFORMview to the UKG Marketplace. UKG is a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM), payroll, HR service delivery and workforce management solutions.

PERFORMview is an easy-to-use goals management software solution. Using the software, employees establish and track their individual and team goals. The software is integrated with UKG Pro through a pre-built API to automatically transfer relevant data on a regular schedule.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) help employees focus on the priorities for themselves, their team and the company.  Objectives define “What” is to be done in a set time period. Key Results state the specifics of “How” each Objective is to be achieved.  The OKR method is proven to increase clarity, improve employee engagement and business success. Employers seeking to establish and implement an OKR Program find powerful value in PERFORMview.

Performance evaluations and feedback are supported with the software. What’s more, for those employers using evaluations as a component in compensation decision, the information is fully integrated with the HRSoft compensation solution. This addition of PERFORMview with UKG Pro complements HRSoft’s existing COMPview integrations with UKG Pro, UKG Dimensions, and UKG Ready.

“Extending our technology partnership with UKG will now give clients access to an innovative HRSoft solution for easily managing goals, an important process for all employers,” said Eric Dirks, Executive Vice President, HRSoft.

Dirks added: “Using the software, employees can easily see their main goals, track progress and have discussions about the results.  In addition, managers and other team members can collaborate and support those efforts because they become more visible.  The design of the PERFORMview software is all about efficiency and a positive user experience.   By being easy-to-use, employees and managers get greater satisfaction.  Straightforward terminology combined with logical navigation boosts adoption and utilization.”

“Connecting individual and team performance to organizational objectives is vital to creating a highly engaged workforce,” said Mike May, Senior Director, UKG Connect Technology Partner Program, UKG. “Our extensible architecture helps to empower people and their managers with better visibility on their progress by seamlessly sharing key data between UKG and HRSoft solutions.”

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HRSoft is the trusted global leader in Compensation Management and goals-based Performance Management solutions. The company’s COMPview™ product is the leading compensation management system for enterprise clients. PERFORMview is designed to simplify and streamline the process of communicating and managing individual, team and organization-wide goals.   HRSoft’s proprietary low-code development platform allows the company to quickly create or configure client specific features, functions and workflows within its products. For more information, visit

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