Connect, Communicate & Engage with Your Employees

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Retain Your Best Talent By Better Communicating the Full Value of Employment

REWARDview™ is an online employee communication portal that gives employers a proactive year-round, strategic tool to engage and retain employees by providing a better understanding of the full value of their compensation package including salary, benefits, equity and more.

REWARDview™ Key Features

Communication Tools


  • Configurable Content
  • Rule-Based Content
  • Employee Polls
  • Single Sign On (SSO)


Rewards Information


  • Total Compensation Value
  • Equity & Benefits Value
  • Retirement Account Values
  • Real-Time Content Updates


Calculation Tools


  • Walk Away Value Estimator
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Benefits Calculator
  • Stock Option Modeling


System Integrations


  • ERP & HRIS
  • Benefits & Payroll
  • Content Management
  • Gamification


This centralized cloud-based portal seamlessly aggregates data from various HR systems to provide employees an easy to find, current summary of their compensation, benefits, retirement and other value added services offered by the employer. Secure and rule-based, employers are now able to use REWARDview™ to eliminate printed statements, promote their employer brand and more effectively communicate compensation leading to better engaged employees.

Your software is fabulous but it’s the people, your people, who make the difference.

– HR Manager, Ascension Health

Communicate Your Compensation & Retain Your Top Talent

REWARDview™ helps organizations retain their most valuable employees by clearly communicating the full value of employment. From salary and benefits to retirement and stocks, now you can improve retention and foster employee loyalty by showing them the financial reasons to stay.

Simplify & Centralize Your Employee Information

Is your employee data spread across different systems of record?  No problem!  With REWARDview™ you can provide your entire workforce a centralized, self-service portal with easy to find, up to date information regarding their compensation and related benefits helping to save time and improve engagement.

Drive Better Engagement & Promote Employer Branding

REWARDview™ helps organizations better connect and communicate with their employees by creating a dynamic, rule-based system that provides up to date and relevant information for each individual employee while consistently promoting employer branding leading to a greater level of employment value and employee engagement.

Eliminate Costly & Confusing Printed Compensation Statements

REWARDview™ helps employers eliminate the unnecessary time and expense associated with printing outdated compensation statements while providing a much more transparent, clear and valuable resource for employees understand the full value of their compensation.

REWARDview™ Supports Your Employee Communication Priorities

HR Managers

HR Managers

  • Configurable, Real-Time Content
  • Secure, Role-Based System
  • Increased Program Participation


Line Managers

Line Managers

  • Compensation Transparency
  • Saves Time -Easy To Find Data
  • Helpful Engagement Tools


C Level Executives

C Level Executives

  • Increased Compliance & Security
  • Promotes Employer Branding & Culture
  • Increased Retention of Top Talent


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