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Total Rewards Communication For Improved Employee Engagement

An easy way to engage your
employees consistently.


Digital Acceleration of Employee Engagement

Give your team full visibility into rewards – and make sure you retain your high performers.

Communicate the Full Value of Employment

Today’s employees have high expectations for rewards – many of which extend beyond compensation alone. Total rewards programs effectively attract, retain, and engage talent – but only when they’re communicated strategically.

Built on HRSoft’s Low-Code Platform, REWARDview is easily tailored to continuously communicate your company’s unique value proposition to the entire workforce, providing employees with simple and convenient views of personalized statements. Whether online, on mobile or in print, they can access their combined compensation, benefits, and other employment rewards anytime, anywhere.

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Keep Employees Informed and Engaged

HRSoft is committed to our clients, to the privacy and security of their data, and to helping them to control and leverage the power of compensation across their organization. We collaborate with their teams to understand and accommodate their specific compensation challenges, and we design, support, configure and implement HRSoft solutions with our own people.


A Valuable Management Tool – for Managers and HR Professionals

While employees need visibility into their total rewards to stay engaged, managers should be able to track their teams’ total compensation, too. With HRSoft’s Total Rewards solution REWARDview, managers can conveniently access their direct reports’ rewards to support strategic pay decisions and consistent, meaningful communication around compensation.

From the HR perspective, REWARDview gives managers the ability to easily determine the current and historical costs of total rewards programs through the storage of historical rewards cost and use data. This unique feature provides granular insights into total rewards costs, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that benefit both the workforce and the organization as a whole.

Of course, you can change that message as frequently as you choose. It’s another way to stay in touch with your workforce and to tie your message and their contribution to their compensation overall.

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Retain Your Best Talent by Communicating the Full Value of Their Employment

Bring the power of digital transformation to total rewards communication by replacing the annual data push and printed statement with an automated data exchange and manager- and employee-friendly portal. And, compared to HRIS systems, HRSoft’s Total Rewards solution REWARDview offers more thorough statements, thanks to its ability to house every detail of compensation and benefits including soft benefits like work-life programs, community volunteerism and corporate commitments to a better society.


What Are Total Rewards?

Total rewards are a strategy that combines everything organizations give to employees–including direct and indirect compensation–when workers meet specific business goals. Direct compensation includes monetary payments, such as salary and wages. Indirect compensation involves non-cash benefits that have an indirect monetary value, like health insurance and paid leave. It can also involve perks such as flexible working schedules, career development opportunities, and recognition for their performance.

Why Are Total Rewards Important?

Total rewards are essential to organizations because it helps to hire and retain top talent. Studies have shown organizations that offer total rewards programs boost employee performance and satisfaction. And organizations can differentiate themselves by highlighting the full value of their workers’ employment, including direct and indirect compensation. Employees are also more likely to be engaged and want to stay with the organization because they feel valued for their contributions.

What is Total Rewards Communication Software?

Total rewards communication software is a dedicated solution that allows an organization to share online or printed statements with employees. The statements contain information about an employee’s total rewards, including their compensation, benefits and other rewards. The purpose is to provide consistent and timely updates about an employee’s total rewards to help increase motivation and loyalty.

What Are Examples of Total Rewards?

Total rewards are often broken down into five components: wages and salaries, benefits, work-life balance, recognition for performance, and career development. Benefits can include health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plan contributions. Work-life balance may involve flexible scheduling, wellness programs, and financial counseling.