Performance Management Software You Will Finally Love

Schedule and track manager check-ins, measure performance against goals and encourage cross-functional collaboration. Align company-wide objectives to individual goals and tie year end reviews to continuous year-long conversations and feedback.

PERFORMview™ offers a whole new way to manage feedback, goals and performance as a team – whether you’re in the office or working from home.

  • Built to keep your team on the same page
  • Integrated with your HRIS, compensation and rewards solutions
  • Capable of handling any feedback cycle
  • Flexible enough for any process, but not too broad

With a modern interface and rich back-end capabilities, PERFORMview™ is designed to help your entire organization achieve its goals.


Saying “the annual review is dead” has become a cliche. Frequent feedback sessions and ad hoc check-ins are en vogue – and for good reason. Setting goals in January and evaluating them 12 months later is no way to hit performance targets … and employees can’t stand review season.

But there’s a problem.

Every organization is different. Most still need some kind of review or rating to plug right into compensation models.

That’s why PERFORMview™ is built to bridge the gap between “old” models and the cutting edge of employee feedback. The solution supports frequent check-ins while also allowing for actionable, defensible end-of-year reviews. Simple-to-use templates and automated scheduling let managers and employees check in on goals at precisely the right cadence, keeping the team in sync throughout the year.

There don’t need to be extremes when it comes to reviews: a single annual meeting on one side; quick, meaningless and unreliable check-ins on the other. PERFORMview™ drives better feedback conversations, removes confusion around process, and promotes informed and justified decision-making.


Goals aren’t confined to one person. They inevitably involve a group – a small team, a department, a division – and even those can shift over time.

PERFORMview™ connects managers, employees and peers, enabling the cross-functional execution necessary to reach big, complicated objectives. Users can make goals public, creating a culture of transparency and helping employees better coordinate efforts. Users can even create their own team goals, building trust and productivity.

It’s one thing to state your organizational goals. It’s another to meet them. PERFORMview™ creates the kind of streamlined collaboration your team needs to succeed.


Performance doesn’t stand alone. Like everything we do at HRSoft, PERFORMview™ is built to integrate tightly with your broader tech stack.

Powerful integration tools connect performance to compensation, rewards and more. Whatever the rating scale, whatever the feedback cadence, whatever the goal, you’ll have the data you need to reward your top performers and motivate the entire team.

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