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Performance Management Software For Better Business Results

Drive better feedback conversations, align goals and promote informed and justified reviews with HRSoft’s performance enablement solution. PERFORMview’s simple, highly configurable user interfaces and workflows give you the agility you need to align personal goals with organizational, manager and team priorities, schedule and track check-ins to keep everyone in sync throughout the year, measure performance against goals, and encourage cross-functional collaboration. The result is more engaged employees and more effective people leaders.

PERFORMview™ offers an agile way to manage feedback, goals and performance as a team – whether you’re in the office or working from home.

  • Built to keep your team on the same page and encourage cross-functional collaboration
  • Integrated with your HRIS, compensation and rewards solutions
  • Capable of handling any feedback cycle
  • Flexible enough for any process, but not too broad

With a modern interface and rich back-end capabilities, PERFORMview is designed to help your entire organization achieve its goals.


PERFORMview makes complex processes simple and adapts to your organization’s priorities and goals as they evolve. Giving your employees visibility into how their goals align with the rest of their team and organization—and managers the tools they need to manage, engage with and communicate feedback to the people they lead.

With PERFORMview, you can:

  • Tie compensation, bonuses, promotions and praise to an employee’s achievements that improve the business’s true operations.
  • Have a simple take on the popular OKR, objective and key result methodology where objectives are clear and aligned and key results serve as clear success benchmarks.
  • Keep the team in synch throughout the year with a combination of frequent check-ins and rapid, simple end-of-period and annual reviews. 
  • Provide rapid and timely feedback through configurable standardized templates, scheduled sessions or ad-hoc as needed.
  • Perform end of year reviews that are simple, non-biased and meaningful as managers and employees have been in sync all year with all notes saved in the system.
  • Consolidate views of past feedback, making end-of-year reviews quick and eliminating surprises to employees.

When done right, year-end reviews can be reliable indicators of actual performance. Fair, meaningful and informative reviews drive more confidence in the process, management and entire organization. This is what PERFORMview was built to do.

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Goals aren’t confined to one person. They inevitably involve a group – a small team, a department, a division – and those can shift over time.

PERFORMview enables more effective goal alignment, management and execution through a simple and transparent OKR process, even as people, processes and priorities change, by:

  • Allowing teams to create, modify, add and achieve goals all year long. 
  • Providing goals that are so simple to manage that they can be updated quarterly or as needed in less time than it usually takes to do the same in traditional software annually.
  • Connecting managers, employees and peers to enable the cross-functional execution necessary to reach big, complicated objectives. 
  • Making important goals public and shared to help employees better coordinate efforts within cross-functional teams, follow other people’s goals and see regular updates.

It’s one thing to state your organizational goals. It’s another to meet them. PERFORMview creates the kind of streamlined collaboration your team needs to succeed.

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Performance doesn’t stand alone. Like everything we do at HRSoft, PERFORMview is built to integrate tightly with your broader tech stack.

Powerful integration tools connect performance to compensation, rewards and more. Whatever the rating scale, whatever the feedback cadence, whatever the goal, you’ll have the data and support you need to reward your top performers and motivate the entire team.

HRSoft products make your investment in your core HRIS and HCM more valuable by adding powerful functionality and flexibility. 


What is Performance Management?

Performance management is a tool corporations leverage to make sure goals are met efficiently and effectively. For example, managers use performance management to measure employees’ performance. In addition, managers provide frequent feedback and communication to help employees reach their goals.

Why are Performance Management Systems Necessary?

Performance management systems are necessary because they help organizations meet their goals. Organizations can reach their objectives when employees, resources, and systems are properly aligned. But to accomplish this, managers need to communicate the goals to employees, so everyone knows their part in the process.

What is the Performance Management Process?

The performance management process is the system in which a manager and employee collaborate to determine how the employee’s objectives contribute to the organization’s overall goals. The process includes planning, tracking and assessing the employee’s work goals. Through this approach, the employee feels empowered and engaged with their work.

How to Introduce a Performance Management System to an Organization

To successfully introduce a performance management system to an organization, start from the top down. First, educate your managers about the system’s purpose and tell them when to expect the rollout to employees. Then inform employees about the solution and explain how it benefits them. Throughout this process, make sure to allow for questions and concerns so you can adequately address them before rollout.

What is Performance Management Software?

Performance management software is a solution that aims to boost an organization’s performance by fostering employee productivity. It allows teams to manage feedback, goals and performance collaboratively. The result is that employees feel valued and heard, which drives engagement and productivity.

Why is Performance Management Important?

Performance management is important because it helps organizations remain profitable and retain employees. An organization can only meet its goals and objectives when employees are on the same page and work together to achieve desired outcomes. That’s why organizations incentivize employees to meet their individual goals. And when employees are recognized for their hard work, they are happier and more engaged, which increases the likelihood of them staying with the organization.

How to Measure Performance Management

There are various methods for measuring performance management: a numeric rating system, self-evaluations and peer reviews. Implementing a numeric rating system gives managers and employees an easy way to score how an employee is performing. Self-evaluations allow employees to reflect on their individual performance. And peer reviews give insight into how fellow workers view an employee’s performance.

What are Pay-for-Performance Plans?

Pay-for-performance plans are a kind of pay strategy where an employee is compensated based on their individual performance and the organization’s overall performance. The better the performance, the higher the reward. A pay-for-performance plan typically involves clear objectives, a comprehensive performance process and software to keep track of performance.

What is the Pay-for-Performance Model?

The pay-for-performance model incentivizes employees to meet their performance goals by offering a monetary reward, such as a spot bonus. Some models involve benchmarks so that employees earn a higher reward as they reach certain goals. A pay-for-performance model often includes evaluation forms, clear communication, and ongoing coaching and training.