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Compensation Management for SAP Success Factors

We deliver the world’s best solution for compensation management, allowing HR leaders to define, oversee, control and communicate the entire compensation cycle and full value of employment. And it plugs right into your core business suite — like SAP SuccessFactors.

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What Does SAP SuccessFactors Do?

SAP SuccessFactors brings together core HR functions with employee experience management, analytics, planning and more.

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But what about compensation management?

Compensation management can be too complex to be handled in the SuccessFactors module. That’s why so many compensation professionals turn to HRSoft’s robust and flexible solution to get control of their process and capture the maximum ROI on their core HR investment.

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But you don’t need to replace SuccessFactors. In fact, you don’t even need to go anywhere else.

We don’t want to replace SuccessFactors. No, we want to be a part of it.

If you want something customizable and configurable to your business needs, even as they change over time, then you need to integrate HRSoft’s compensation management solution into your SuccessFactors system.

HRSoft is relentlessly focused on compensation management, employee rewards and pay-for-performance, which means our solution for SuccessFactors is equally as focused. We know your problems, and we’ve solved them. SuccessFactors can handle all the major pieces — let HRSoft handle the compensation piece.

Only HRSoft can check every box – no matter how complex.

HRSoft’s compensation management solution plugs into SAP SuccessFactors quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to our low-code platform, we can build and innovate faster than anyone in the industry.

without Using

  • Limited configurability
  • Expensive customization
  • Rigid, inflexible, sometimes manual compensation management processes

HRsoft Compensation Management for SuccessFactors

  • Unlimited configurability
  • Quick customization
  • Nimble, secure, real-time visibility into compensation management

Now your compensation management
can be as good as the rest of SuccessFactors.

Ready to derive more value out of your SuccessFactors investment?