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Simplify, Streamline & Control Complex Compensation Planning


COMPview™ is the global leader in compensation management software that systematically guides, controls and simplifies the calculation and allocation of merit, bonus and equity awards to drive employee engagement, performance and retention. Intuitive, configurable and proven to streamline even the most complex compensation plans, COMPview allows HR leaders to define, oversee and control the entire compensation cycle from budget modeling, to award allocations within different rules and different budgets, to employee communication. Further, it empowers line managers to make more strategic award decisions based on performance and potential, while providing HR with real-time visibility into the decisions being made on an employee-by-employee basis.



COMPview Simplifies Even The Most Complex Compensation Plans

Plan guidelines, market data, business results, salary cap limits and other factors can complicate just about every compensation plan. But the complexity doesn’t end there. Different merit, bonus and equity plans that accommodate different rules and budgets can be daunting. Different performance values and goals-based ratings add to complexity. Different levels in the organization that qualify for different compensation considerations make the process even harder. No wonder the whole process can be overwhelming for line managers who need to be making strategic decisions, and for the HR team that needs to oversee and drive the process. That all ends with COMPview.

COMPview anticipates and manages all of these variables exactly to your specific needs. You can manage multiple merit, bonus and equity plans with different rules and different budgets. You can establish approval hierarchies and workflows for different plans. You can integrate data from other technology sources like your HRIS, Payroll or financial software. Whatever you need, COMPview can deliver to make the complex simple.



COMPview Lets You Define And Control The Entire Compensation Cycle

From budget modeling to employee communication, COMPview puts you in control of the entire compensation cycle. That’s why we make it easy to establish rules for every plan, initiate and manage the process with line managers, and pre-calculate awards based on factors you determine. We give line managers the support tools that allow them to make great compensation decisions the first time, create audit trails for each decision, and give you real-time visibility into fair pay practices as awards are being made. We even allow you to customize compensation statements for each employee to reinforce the “value” of their employment.

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COMPview is Trusted by Some of The Most Well-known Companies in The World

COMPview isn’t just a compensation solution; it’s a promise of our commitment.

At HRsoft, we are committed to our clients, to the privacy and security of their data, and to helping them to control and leverage the power of compensation across their organization. We collaborate with their teams to understand and accommodate their specific compensation challenges, and we design, support, configure and implement our solutions with our own people.

With intuitive active advice alerts, messaging and a simple to use interface, we’ve proven that line managers can effectively recommend awards for large groups in minutes (even with diverse rules) and reviewers can process and approve all in real time with minimal training. The result is a proven, more strategic way to recognize, reward and motivate high performers leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

We didn’t get to be the leading standalone global compensation software solution by accident. We’ve proven ourselves every day and to every client…cycle after cycle. We invite you to read their comments, access their case studies (link to clients & Partners page), and speak to them directly.

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COMPview Integrates With Your Existing Technologies For a Seamless Experience

We built COMPview so that it could interface and align with any HRIS, Performance Management, Payroll or any financial software that you use. So, you can use our standalone solution while still leveraging your investment in those other assets, providing for a seamless flow of data from one system to another. That means that your line managers can take advantage of any factor deemed important in making their merit, bonus and equity awards…empowering and engaging them in the process.

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“The implementation process was one of the smoothest I've ever been a part of. I thought the service level mightdrop off on year two of using the product, but HRSoft maintained a very high level of service throughout. The team really tried to understand our needs before recommending solutions.”

Jesse Roberts,

COMPview is Implemented by Our In-house Experts to Ensure Security and Efficiency

When you work with HRsoft, you get your own dedicated Engagement Manager who serves as the single point of contract for design, support, configuration and implementation of your specific COMPview solution. Importantly, that Manager is a part of the team from the moment we begin working together. This is how we have always worked, making sure that your solution and data are secure as all of your needs are handled personally, professionally and flawlessly by someone who knows your exact challenges and specifications.



COMPview Can Scale With Your Business as it Changes

The most flexible compensation management solution available, COMPview allows you to easily add and/or modify plans as business demands change, to translate awards into 60 different currencies, and to integrate new acquisitions into your comp plans easily and efficiently. So, no matter how your business evolves, COMPview is one solution you’ll never outgrow.

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COMPview Will Pay For Itself in Control And Efficiency Alone

COMPview might just be one of the best investments you can make in your organization and your people. Because with COMPview,your line managers are engaged in making strategic compensation decisions, your HR team is engaged in monitoring that activity in real time, and your most valued employees remain engaged because you reward them in line with what they deserve.

We look forward to having a conversation with you about the cost and value of COMPview.

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