Creativity Behind the Camera

One of my summer pleasures has always been going to a nice air-conditioned movie theatre, grabbing a bag of popcorn and letting myself escape reality for a few hours with a great story.

I have been looking forward to the opening of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood for many months. I booked my ticket for opening night at a state of the art AVX theatre. I knew that Quentin Tarantino had filmed the movie in 35mm, but unfortunately there were no theatres showing it in my area. I enjoyed the movie and because there is a lot going on and the movie is nearly three hours long I wanted to see it again. So this time, I decided to go visit one of my favourite theatres in Toronto – The Varsity – which has been around for a very long time and was showing the film in 70mm.

As much as technology has changed our lives and made things beyond our imagination a reality, technology is still very much an enabler. It was a much better experience watching the film in 70mm, in an older more intimate theatre, where you could hear the laughter of your neighbours. I often find with all the CGI in movies today, the films are darker and don’t bring out the full experience. Watching Tarantino’s depiction of Hollywood in the late ’60s and the scenery made it much more real for me. One of the reasons I love movies so much is that I find them extremely innovative and creative, especially how a writer and director use film as a canvas to present their story. Yes, the technology has changed, but too much reliance on the technology crowds out the storytelling and creativity of the people behind the camera.

Creativity Beyond the Technology

I find the same is true for CompTrak. We are a compensation company that uses a highly secure and reliable cloud-based infrastructure for our platform. But it’s our approach to how we manage the complexity of bonus plans in our software that is the main attraction. Understanding our users’ needs and deploying relevant functionality that will address those specific needs is key – the approach to solving the problem and understanding all the nuances is beyond the technology it sits on.

CompTrak is a company that understands and puts compensation first, enabled by technology.

Our “directors” and “screenplay writers” will translate your needs into a user experience that is designed specifically for your compensation plans.

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