HR Challenge: Global compensation planning with complex requirements

Category: Compensation Planning

Industry: Airline

Employee Size: 15,000

HRsoft Product: COMPview™

The world’s leading airline needed a compensation management system that would allow managers around the globe to reward employees in accordance with corporate guidelines linking performance to annual merit and bonus and awards. They also needed to calculate awards in a standard currency and award them in the local currencies of sixty-three nations. Additionally, they needed real time visibility into budgets, spend and process as local managers made their pay for performance decisions.

HRsoft Solution: COMPview™

HRsoft’s Compensation Planning system was the perfect fit as it is the most robust and functional compensation tool on the market. With COMPview™, they now can provide decision support so managers, with only minimal training, can understand and act upon corporate guidelines and plan rules even when faced with very complex, multiple component plans.

Customer Testimonial

We planned roughly 15,000 employees, domestic & international, for merit and bonus .. an extremely complex process… flawless; zero complaints, very pleased from the managers who were performing the task and easy to use… nothing but best things they can say about them. - Compensation Manager

HR Challenge: Replacing outdated applicant tracking software

Category: Recruitment Management

Industry: Healthcare

Employee Size: 3,000

HRsoft Product: RECRUITview™

A 3,000 employee multi-site operator of community hospitals wanted to replace an earlier generation applicant tracking system with something that would help their career site attract and engage top healthcare talent. The system had to be easy for recruiters to use and simple to implement.

HRsoft Solution: RECRUITview™

HRsoft worked with the recruiting team to develop the employer branding they wanted to convey to prospective employees. With RECRUITview, the employer was able to quickly and inexpensively create a fully updated and integrated career site that supported all of their existing recruiting workflows.

Customer Testimonial

The team at HRsoft works relentlessly to exceed our expectations….. Their team clearly understands the business we are in, and continues to offer solutions to maximize the use and functionality of our system. We couldn’t be more happy to have an organization like HRsoft to assist our HR process. – Manager, Talent Solutions

HR Challenge: Need to replace offline, paper and Excel-based performance management processes

Category: Performance Management

Industry: Transportation

Employee Size: 1,000

HRsoft Product: PERFORMview™

A regional transportation authority with approximately 1,000 employees had outgrown their old, paper based system of performance evaluation. Senior management wanted a new system to drive employee focus on the agency’s core values. Challenges included a workforce made up of hourly, exempt, union, non-union, on-site and off-site employees. The HR department was charged with selecting a partner to help them bring this diverse group onto an affordable, cloud based system that would be easy and intuitive for line managers to use.

HRsoft Solution: PERFORMview™

HR adopted a multi-year approach in rolling out the HRsoft system. In the first Focal Cycle all employees past performance was measured against the agency’s four key values. And goals related to specific jobs and competencies were collaboratively developed by supervisors and employees. Throughout the year employees and managers used the system to track progress against goals. By the second focal cycle the system had become widely adopted and was an integral part of the agency’s operating processes.

Customer Testimonial

We selected HRsoft because we wanted a performance management tool that was web-based and user friendly. When we implemented our managers and Human Resources department were very impressed with the level of service provided during the design and implementation phase. HRsoft really learned our organization’s needs and helped us eliminate the pains of using a paper based performance process. – Administrator, Training & Employee Development

HR Challenge: Large healthcare provider needed a simple, inexpensive & easy-to-use content management system

Category: Content Management

Industry: Healthcare

Employee Size: 150,000

HRsoft Product: CONTENTview™

The nation’s largest Catholic and nonprofit health system, whose mission-focused Health Ministries employ more than 150,000 associates in more than 1,500 locations, wanted a simple, inexpensive and easy to use content management system to communicate important retirement plan information to employees. They needed a role based system that could display the correct plan data to employees based on that employee’s eligibility. And they needed a system that made it easy for HR to publish and update the frequently changing content.

HRsoft Solution:   CONTENTview™

CONTENTview™ provided the easy to use and configure, role based employee portal they needed. Now their entire employee population can log in or access the system through a single sign on interface with the employer’s intranet. The system recognizes the employee’s credentials and displays the appropriate content.

Customer Testimonial

Your software is fabulous but it’s the people, these people, who make the difference. Thank you for supporting us in this way. – Manager, Employee Communications and Human Resources

HR Challenge: Reducing manager turnover at large restaurant chain

Category: Stay Interviews/Retention

Industry: Restaurant

Employee Size: 3,700

HRsoft Product: STAYview™

Smokey Bones Restaurants faced significant manager turnover which greatly disrupted business among its 66 facilities. The constant flow of new managers caused concerns among the staff and also required new training on all work processes. Each new relationship also brought new opportunities but also new challenges.

HRsoft Solution: STAYview™

The HRsoft team implemented STAYview™ so executives could learn precisely what each individual manager needed in order to stay and thrive, and therefore increase productivity. Six months later manager turnover had declined by 31% and continues to drop.

Customer Testimonial

STAYview™ has been one of the key tactics we have employed to improve General Manager retention this year. In just the first 6 months, we have realized a 31% reduction in General Manager turnover! In an industry notorious for high turnover, STAYview™has provided us a strategic tool to dramatically increase our retention with measurable results –and faster than we ever expected. – Rob Benninghove, SPHR | VP of HR, Smokey Bones Restaurants

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