Are You Getting Feedback on Your Total Rewards Communication Strategy? 

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Are You Getting Feedback on Your Total Rewards Communication Strategy? 

If you’ve recently implemented a new Total Rewards (TR) Communication strategy or have begun using employee benefits statement software, it’s important to get feedback from associates to find out whether or not they are successfully accessing the information they need. Even if you think that your TR Communication is effective, it’s always a good idea to monitor traffic and get frequent feedback to ensure that your strategy is achieving all of the goals you had in mind for it.

Here’s how you can get feedback on your TR Communication from associates:

Just Ask Them 

After you have introduced the Communication, ask associates frankly what they like, what they don’t like and what they want to see added or replaced. After the site or statement is launched, it is a good practice to have a survey to seek feedback and learn how the TR Communication was received.

Use Surveys

To see if there are any changes in views toward TR Communication over time, consider surveying a sample of employees monthly for the first six months after the go-live date.

Monitor Traffic

With an online site, it is easy to see traffic to the Total Rewards Communication pages.   Standard analytics are usually included so the administrator can see what pages get the most attention and where employees spend the most time.

If there are pages that get little traffic, either associates don’t know they are there – or they are not interesting.   Of course, this allows the employer to promote the low traffic pages or remove them.

With an online TR Communication, reporting and data analytics are possible.   Since the system is tracking relevant data, management reports about the enrollment level in particular benefits can be produced, as an example.  This can be organized by group, such as job category, location or division, to identify where attention might be needed.  Trends and other correlations can be recognized.

If you’re struggling to achieve effective TR Communication, feel free to visit the resources within the Total Rewards section of the HRsoft blog. There, you’ll find information about communication strategies, as well as useful tools such as a total rewards statement example.

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