Strategic SaaS Solutions for High Impact Talent Management™

We have developed the industry’s first High Impact Talent Management System™ – a simple, strategic solution to improve business results:

At HRsoft, we believe in the role of HR as a strategic, consultative leader for the organization. We also see first-hand the challenges many organizations face when beginning to transform their own HR model. As the leader in High Impact Talent Management Systems™, we have developed innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that help companies create a seamless transition into new, second generation cloud-based HR technology that provides faster and better results.


Industry Leading Cloud-Based SaaS: Strategic. Secure. Scalable.

All of our software solutions are delivered upon a powerful, easy to use SaaS platform providing HR and line managers the strategic tools they need without the I.T. headaches. Built upon our unique Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, we are able to combine the industry’s most secure and scalable cloud-based talent management system. Our entire High Impact Talent Management System™, whether you purchase one module or all of them, is hosted on robust, secure HRsoft cloud-based servers giving you the peace of mind you want and powerful software solutions you need.

This complete High Impact Talent Management System™ allows you to:

  • Transform the operating model of HR – from administrative to strategic
  • Empower line managers with tools to promote effective leadership
  • Attract, engage and retain a highly productive, innovation-focused workforce
  • Create a high rate of measurable “next generation” ROI: ROII – Return on Impact Investment
High Impact Talent Management Systems™ are more than just software. They are solutions that help you execute a strategy that gets the results you want to achieve.
At HRsoft, High Impact Talent ManagementTM isn’t just a tagline…it’s what we do.

Why Choose HRsoft™?

We can help you transform your workforce because we’ve transformed the way in which talent management is delivered.

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  • High Impact Technology: Our solutions come with a powerful toolset – allowing us to configure a secure solution that leverages the power of the cloud with our unique Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform while still meeting the needs of your organization.
  • High Impact Expertise: Here at HRsoft™ we’re not just a company of software engineers – we are talent management experts. Our team includes deep HR experience – folks who understand how strategic HR can have a true impact on your company’s ability to meet its business goals. We don’t just “bring you live.” We bring you consultative experience for high impact and ROII … measurable Return on Impact Investment.
  • High Impact Service: We know you’re still having to do more with less. And most likely operating with fewer HR and IT resources. So we do the heavy lifting – making sure that your solutions are up and running quickly. On time. And on budget.
  • High Impact Implementations: With our i2i Deployment SystemTM we can ensure that we do more than just deliver technology, we deliver the results you expected! Our customers work with the same team from introduction to implementation – no “hand-offs”, no “dropped balls”, and no excuses – just high impact results.