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Innovate Faster with HRsoft’s Low-Code Application

The HRSoft Low-Code development platform allows us to meet your exact business spec faster — without a heavy IT lift or cost burden. Your requirements, your processes, your data. Automate the Workstream® using HRSoft’s Low-Code, hyper configurable solutions.

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Flexible. Adaptable. Secure.

Say goodbye to hardcoded, expensive and complex software. Low-code enables our solutions for compensation, reward and continuous performance management to be flexible, adaptable and securely integrated with your core suite. So, you can meet any HR challenge with confidence.

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Companies that need to automate manual, error-prone and time-intensive HR processes require quick and careful digital transformations. Low-code allows HRSoft to build features, functionality and products faster and more efficiently, avoiding the risk of market shift mid-development. Four times faster, to be exact.

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The more code, the more difficult it is to make changes without making errors. With the low-code platform, customizations can be made rapidly and with precision, and without inflating IT costs. Plus, you’ll realize process improvement three times faster compared to traditional platforms.

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How Low-code Works

  • 1. Core Platform
    Low-code offers a baseline set of features that are constantly enhanced throughout the year. This covers most of the features any HR product will require.
  • 2. Client Customization
    Clients can easily customize the platform to meet their exact needs — without having to go back to R&D.
  • 3. Common Features
    With each new client implementation, common features across all clients expand. Eventually, these features will merge into the core platform.

The Power of Low-Code

Integrate HRSoft into your existing HRIS/HCM suite and get a more tailored solution for your compensation, rewards and performance needs.