i2i Implementation™

Customer Success From Introduction to Implementation and Beyond.

What Makes Our i2i Implementation™ Process So Powerful?

We have found through experience that the people and processes used to successfully deploy our solutions are every bit as critical as the features and functions themselves. That’s why we have spent nearly as much time engineering our i2i Implementation™ process as building our software. Unlike other solution providers that hand off your project at each and every step, our unique approach dedicates a single (and the same) team of domain and software experts for each and every client.  That means you work with the same dedicated professionals from introduction to implementation and beyond.  Here's how it works.

Early Expert Engagement

Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain what you need to various people throughout the process. Rest assured that we assign expert professional services resources early on who have deep HR experience and expertise in specific domains and understand real-world workflows.


This ensures you get the answers you need without having to “start over” at each step of the process.

Efficient & Accurate Configuration

Our unique i2i approach integrates requirements gathering and configuration during our comprehensive pre-sales prototyping process.


This enables us to configure many of the client requirements before the implementation has begun while making the remainder of the implementation efficient, rapid and accurate.

Agile Development Approach

From customer support to programming, our entire technology team uses the Agile Development Approach allowing us to configure and confirm requirements with our clients each step of the way to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

No Outsourcing

Unlike many of our competitors that outsource implementation and support, we never sacrifice quality or accountability as all of our implementation, development and support teams are in-house.


That means no handoffs, no dropping the ball and no excuses. You work with the same team from introduction to implementation (i2i) saving endless frustration, time and resources.

Advanced Automation & Configuration Tools

HRsoft has built an end-to-end implementation toolkit right into the actual software. So everything from the statement of work and project plan to the requirements gathering and configuration are integrated into one easy to use implementation engine that is truly one of a kind in the industry.


This ensures significantly more efficient projects, eliminates errors and enables clients to enjoy a smooth and reliable implementation process.

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