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Compensation philosophy

Find out how you can develop an effective philosophy that defines the important factors behind pay decisions – not just where you pay relative to the market.

The Pay Transparency Shift – How To Prepare Your Company

To help your organization navigate and even thrive in this new landscape, Total Rewards Solutions Provider Kathleen Jinkerson will share her insights in our upcoming webinar.

Using Job Architecture and Evaluation to Encourage Career Growth

When you use these tactics to foster career growth, you’ll show the people in your company that you understand and have closely considered their positions, and that you value their role in the company. Only then can an employee affect their job, career, and pay – and this presentation will [...]

Hidden Pay Bias

For the first time, gender, race, and ethnicity data must be reported alongside pay and hours information. How can you ensure your organization is following sound pay equity practices? To answer that question, you must also understand how pay equity is defined in today’s business landscape [...]

Essential Compensation Practices for Today’s Workforce

Low unemployment and high turnover rates make attracting and engaging employees one of employers’ biggest challenges. Today’s workers are always on the lookout for the next great opportunity, but do your current compensation practices provide what they’re looking for? To remain competitive in [...]

The Rule of Threes: Foolproof Principles for Mastering Incentive Plans

Designing, managing, and communicating incentive plans are among the most challenging hurdles HR and Compensation professionals face today. Great plans cannot be generic; instead, they must be structured to align closely with a company’s strategy, culture, and goals. At the same time [...]

Attracting and Retaining Talent Amid a Low Unemployment Rate

In today’s competitive labor market, attracting and retaining top talent has become a growing challenge for employers. Now, it has become more important than ever for organizations to offer compelling total rewards options that appeal to both prospective and current employees, whose career [...]

Maximizing the Value of Bonuses & Incentives with Clear Metrics & Effective Communication

Employers know they must use clear metrics and communication strategies to create compelling incentives that drive employee performance and results. Yet, the challenge lies in defining those metrics: How narrowly or broadly focused should the measures be? Further, employers are often [...]

New Year, New Pay Ranges: Modernizing Your Strategy in 2019

Pay management approaches that fit your company’s culture and business strategy. You’ll learn effective pay range practices that will keep you ahead of the competition while winning with your employees. Don’t go another year with ineffective pay programs; modernize your practices now and [...]

The Blueprint for Performance-Based Pay: Strategies for Successful Plan Design

In the middle of a long run up in the market, it becomes easy to lose sight of a possible market slide. Compensation programs designed for a boom market are often no longer sustainable once market conditions change. Even worse, many incentive plans may be actively promoting employee behaviors [...]

Avoiding Compensation Complacency: Designing Programs that Withstand Market Fluctuations

In the middle of a long run up in the market, it becomes easy to lose sight of a possible market slide. Compensation programs designed for a boom market are often no longer sustainable once market conditions change. Even worse, many incentive plans may be actively promoting employee behaviors [...]

The Multi-Stakeholder Business Model: The Future of Compensation and Benefits

Can corporations play a role in making the world a better place? This question has gained increasing attention among investors recently, and a new school of thought is emerging: not only do companies have the ability to enact positive change on the community and environment, but they actually [...]

Modernizing Pay-For-Performance: The Elements of a Successful Shift

We’ve all seen the headlines in recent years: leading organizations like Microsoft, GE, and Accenture have changed the way they measure employee performance. This major shift shows no sign of slowing down. Other companies are increasingly following their lead, and for good reasons. Employees [...]

The Current State of Executive Pay: Analyzing Key Compensation Trends for CEOs & Directors

Compensation is one of the most effective ways to communicate a company’s priorities and values. Well-designed compensation programs reinforce organizational strategy and motivate the achievement of critical business outcomes. It is therefore essential for companies to ensure their executive [...]

The Gender Pay Gap: Facts, Fallacies and Forward-Thinking Comp Strategies

There is a long-held understanding that a “gender pay gap” exists in the U.S. We’ve all seen the frequently cited statistic: the average woman’s salary is 75-80% of that of the average man’s. Each year, April 10th marks “Equal Pay Day,” because as day 100 of the year – 27% of 365 – it [...]

Acing International Compensation: The Art and Science Behind an Effective Global Rewards Program

The global economy is stronger than it has been in over a decade, with companies increasingly going international or expanding their overseas operations. To succeed despite regional differences, HR professionals must take a global approach that aligns with the various ways other countries [...]

Overcoming Market Pressures: Compensation Design that Balances Company Goals & Industry Shifts

One of the questions employers consistently struggle with is when to adjust pay levels. While being mindful of market trends and changing wage laws is critically important, these external considerations are just one piece of the puzzle. The most strategic approach to compensation management [...]

4 Keys to Building a Pay Strategy that Improves Engagement

In today’s competitive job market, your company's pay strategy plays a critical role in the engagement and retention of your employees. Pay remains the #1 reason employees leave, but it can also be a key reason they stay engaged. The problem is that most companies are still unsure how to link [...]

Securing Approval for Your HR Transformation: Building a Credible Defense for Change

Historically, HR has invested minimally in available technological enablement and infrastructure. Now, however, the growing digitization of the consumer experience has fundamentally shifted employee expectations. From the job application process through the entire employment lifecycle [...]

When the Money Runs Out: Retaining and Motivating Long Term Employees Without Increasing Pay

Since the end of the recession, more and more baby boomers have been deferring retirement. The unexpected result is that many employees from this generation are being paid well above market value for their jobs, forcing organizations to cope with serious pay compression. The situation is [...]

Using Compensation Technology to Improve Comparable Worth and Equal Pay

There are a number of complicated laws and regulations that organizations must adhere to relating to comparable worth and equal pay. While compliance is important, most organizations do not have an effective way to administer these rules on an ongoing basis. In this exclusive webinar [...]

Selling Your C-Suite on Your Compensation Plans – Secrets to Securing Executive Buy-in

Harnessing the subtle art of persuasion is a critical skill for the HR practitioner, especially when making the case for changes in your compensation plans and strategy. There are numerous books on the topic, but few focus on the specific concerns of each member of the C-suite. If you can [...]

Starwood Retail Case Study

You are not alone! More and more companies are switching from spreadsheets to compensation automation software. HRsoft's COMPview simplifies and streamlines the process of managing even the most complex compensation plans. It allows HR leaders to define, oversee and control the entire [...]

How To Develop A Business Process Assessment, Strategy, And Systems Roadmap For Compensation

In today’s strong economy and competitive labor market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain employees. While many companies are shifting their focus and resources to retention, they are often overlooking a key strategic ingredient: compensation. Creating (or updating) a strategy [...]

Overcoming Workforce Challenges With Strategic Compensation Initiatives

Workforce volatility can profoundly impact productivity for individuals, departments or across entire organizations. From competitive job markets to rising employee turnover, there’s a common way employers of any size, in any industry, can overcome these workforces challenges – strategic [...]

Paying People Right: How to Attract & Retain Employees on a Budget

When you pay your employees right, you remove barriers to organizational success by attracting and retaining the best talent for your organization. The challenge is that most organizations are faced with a volatile regulatory environment, decreasing salary budgets, increasing turnover [...]

Practical Tips for Reducing Compensation Cycle Time & Stress

This presentation provides practical, executable advice and techniques that have been proven to work regardless of company size, location. The types of compensation plans you use are also unimportant when learning these new skills. Learn how to plan for nearly everything and see why you may [...]

Compensation Business Partner: New Product Demo

In this webinar, watch a preview of our new compensation planning solution for mid-sized employers - Compensation Business Partner (CBP). Built upon the same platform as our industry leading enterprise solution (COMPview), this best-of-breed compensation planning system provides companies with [...]

Rules of the Road for the Expatriate Journey: Tips ‘N Tricks for Getting it Right

Everyone knows that sending an employee off on an international assignment is an expensive proposition, but those big bucks are only the tip of the iceberg as to what can go wrong. And when things do go wrong, you still find yourself paying out the same dollars. In this session we explore how [...]

Insider Secrets to Ensuring a Successful Compensation Planning Cycle

Many compensation leaders are faced with the annual challenge of flawlessly executing a long and complicated compensation cycle both tactically and strategically. The reality is with tight timelines and even tighter budgets compensation planning can become more administrative than strategic [...]

Comp Planning Pros: How To Design A Cash Compensation Program For Global & Growing Organizations

Are you looking for a tried and true methodology for designing or updating your compensation plans? Join us for an exclusive presentation with global compensation consultant John Rubino who will present a successful approach for developing an effective and competitive base salary program. In [...]

How to Use Big Data for Better Compensation Benchmarking

The number of choices for benchmarking pay data and pricing jobs is growing fast. Compensation professionals are faced with a dizzying array of benchmarking surveys, online databases, economists’ services, government statistics, and proprietary reports from recruiters, staffing companies [...]

How to Build A Competitive Pay Structure with Compensation Survey Data

In this webinar, MarketPay’s CEO Mark Avery shares how leading companies are using compensation survey data to develop competitive salary ranges for different types of salary structures.  We cover wide-accepted approaches to developing competitive pay ranges for traditional grade structures [...]

5 Essentials for a Compliant, Defensible & Effective Compensation Program

With all the new and pending FLSA and Comparable Worth laws, it is important that organizations maintain compliant and defensible job descriptions and a fair and equitable compensation management program. This webinar will provide valuable insight on how to ensure that various aspects of your [...]

Revealing the Risks Associated with Global Compensation Programs

Join us for an exclusive presentation from the world's leading compensation planning & tax experts, Ernst & Young, as they share inside strategies and best practices they have used to help companies around the world save millions in fines, penalties and judgments.

Simplifying Complex Compensation For A Global Financial Leader

For many organizations, the comp planning process is becoming too time and resource intensive. Managers are struggling to go through the comp planning process, stay within budgets and still try running their departments. Sound familiar? But that’s about to change. Ameriprise Financial took on [...]

3 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity with Compensation Planning

Compensation planning has traditionally been a specialized function of the HR department, not linked directly enough to other initiatives such as employee engagement - but that's all beginning to change. Given the well-known correlation between employee engagement and productivity it is time [...]

4 Best Practices for Automating Complex Compensation Planning

Does your comp planning involve employees working at multiple locations, in multiple countries, or require complex pay and equity plans?  As compensation planning continues to change and get more complex, many HR and compensation leaders are looking for ways to simplify, streamline and [...]


Total Rewards Strategies to Address the Gender Pay Gap

Join Michael F. Maciekowich, National Director for Astron Solutions, as he reveals what companies must do to close the pay gap, and why most traditional approaches fall short.

Optimizing Total Rewards Programs to Achieve Your Talent Objectives

In today’s tight labor market, your current and future employees are carefully evaluating your benefit offerings and comparing them to talent competitors.

Developing an Authentic Total Rewards Philosophy to Motivate Your Workforce

Developing a total rewards philosophy can seem daunting. Your philosophy is a critical tool in attracting, retaining and motivating the talent your organization needs to reach its goals. It should align your organization’s mission, values, and objectives to employee rewards. Practically, your [...]

What Millennials Want in a Pay Plan: Sorting Myth from Reality

Although it’s been nearly three years since Millennials took over majority status in the global workforce, the passage of time has not made any clearer the best approaches to managing and paying this new “breed” of employee. Most business leaders remain stymied by conventional wisdom and [...]

Total Rewards Elements: Designing Pay Plans for Desired Results

Designing a Total Rewards Plan is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It takes proactive planning and thoughtful design to craft a solid rewards package that drives desired employee behaviours and business outcomes. The true challenge lies in making sure each piece complements the other to [...]

Identifying the Real Cost of Turnover

Not all turnover is bad, however ALL turnover costs money—big money! In fact, employee turnover costs the US economy billions of dollars every year. It is critical for you to understand the financial and cultural impact on your organization. Join us as recognized compensation expert, Theresa [...]

Using Total Rewards To Engage A Multi-Generational Workforce

Turnover not only directly impacts the bottom line, but it makes it difficult for employers to attract, motivate and retain their top talent – particularly in today’s complex multigenerational workforce. In this webinar,  Mary Mosqueda, Compensation Practice Leader at Lockton Companies, LLC [...]

Total Rewards Framework: Developing a Compelling Employee Experience For a Changing Workforce

The next five years are poised to bring more changes to the design and implementation of Total Rewards systems than we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Conventional approaches of organizations developing their own talent have been replaced with a “free agency” model of buying experience from [...]

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Pay Transparency Demands

Pay transparency is becoming an increasingly important and challenging issue for organizations to address. There is growing pressure to disclose compensation information, not only at the executive-level, but at the employee-level as well. Regulators and those with vested interests are placing [...]

Beyond Compensation Leveraging HR Technology for Your Total Rewards Strategy

With compensation being a major factor contributing to turnover, organizations are turning to total rewards to help improve retention. To do this, HR leaders are leveraging total rewards technology to turn old printed compensation statements into a powerful online total rewards retention tool [...]

From Total Compensation to a Total Rewards System

Total compensation statements are a great tool to drive employee engagement and retention - the problem is that traditional printed annual statements are not only outdated from the time they are printed but are expensive and time consuming to produce for HR teams with limited resources [...]

The Employee Value Proposition: How to Increase the Perceived Value of Your Total Rewards

Total Rewards encompasses a broad range of offerings from tangible (pay and benefits) to less quantifiable (policies, practices, flexibility) benefits, all of which are designed to attract and retain top talent. The challenge Compensation and Rewards professionals face today is finding a way [...]

Communicating Total Rewards: 3 Keys to Building Engagement & Retention

Even with all the hard work done by compensation and HR leaders, most employees don't understand the value of their employment package. And many managers don't know where to find the information necessary to explain the total value of employment. The result: unnecessary turnover, frustration [...]

Rethinking Total Rewards: How To Transform Recruiting & Retention With High Impact Total Rewards

Many organizations are looking for a tool to help attract, reward, engage and retain top talent. A Total Rewards program offers an impactful, cost-effective way to achieve this. However, Total rewards is no longer about "automated comp statements", it's a critical year-round, strategic tool [...]


The Art of HR Influence – How to Build a Better Business Case for HR Technology Projects

In this entertaining and informative webinar, Silicon Valley Bank's Director of HR Operations - Christopher Ford, will share keen insight from his 20+ years of technology experience in the Silicon Valley on how to help influence executives to approve your HR technology projects.

How to Effectively Connect HR Cloud Applications to Save Time & Money

Does it ever feel like technology is making your job tougher? You're not alone! HR professionals are constantly being asked to do more with less with the expectation that new technology will help. While there are many cloud-based applications that have been designed to automate and streamline [...]

HR’s Strategic Shift: How to Leverage HR Technology to Drive Business Results

The role and responsibility of Human Resources is shifting dramatically, from "administrative data provider" to "strategic business partner". The key driver of this transformation is emerging technology that enables HR leaders impact strategy that drives effectiveness and help achieve [...]