Performance Management Made Simple & Strategic

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Faster, Easier and More Productive Performance Reviews

PERFORMview™ is cloud-based software that dramatically streamlines and simplifies the performance review process by providing a fast, fair, easy-to-use “one page approach” that drives improved engagement and performance for managers and their teams.

PERFORMview™ Key Features

Simplified Process


  • 360 Feedback
  • Review Automation
  • Automated Workflows
  • Fast, Focused Templates


Manager Tools


  • Goal Approval Controls
  • Performance Ratings
  • Development Plans
  • Real-Time Reporting & Alerts


Goal Setting


  • Cascading Goals
  • Organizational Goals
  • Employee Goals
  • Year-Round Goal Tracking


System Integration


  • ERP & HRIS
  • Pay-for-Performance
  • Career Management
  • Core Competencies


PERFORMview™ is changing the way companies do performance reviews by providing a proven alternative approach that is faster, easier and more productive. This simplified, strategic software empowers managers with a complete online tool set to help complete more frequent, fair, and short performance discussions helping them build better relationships and results with their team year-round.

We were very impressed with level of service provided during the design & implementation phase. HRsoft understands our organization’s needs and has eliminated the pains of using a paper based performance process.

– HR Manager, Delaware River Port Authority

Make Performance Reviews Easier for Managers & Fair for Employees

PERFORMview™ eliminates the unproductive, tedious and sometimes unfair nature of most performance reviews with a simpler, easier review process. Fewer clicks, simpler screens and more transparency helps PERFORMview™ save your managers time, make the performance process easier to understand and more fair for the employee. The result is a tool that helps managers build better relationships and more productive, engaged teams.

Get Your Employees Engaged in the Performance Process

Simplify your performance review process to focus on what really drives engagement and productivity for your employees –consistent communication. PERFORMview™ creates an easier way for managers to have productive conversations with employees that yield more accurate review ratings leading to better performance results.

Create A Year-Round Engagement & Productivity Tool

Performance should be a priority all year, not just during formal annual reviews. PERFORMview™gives your managers an easy-to-use online tool set to help them change their approach from tedious reviews to short, focused performance conversations that engage employees and improve performance year-round.

Create a true Pay-for-Performance Program

Managers need a faster, easier and more consistent way to identify and reward the top talent on their team. With PERFORMview™, managers can utilize more current and accurate review scores seamlessly integrated with the organization’s HRIS and compensation systems to build a powerful pay-for-performance program to reward and retain their top talent.

PERFORMview™ Supports Your Performance Review Priorities

HR Managers

HR Managers

  • Configurable Software & Workflow
  • Consistent Performance Ratings
  • Increase Manager Adoption & Efficiency


Line Managers

Line Managers

  • Simple, Easy-to-Complete Process
  • Shorter, More Frequent Reviews
  • More Productive Conversations


C Level Executives

C Level Executives

  • Supports Pay-for-Performance Model
  • Aligns Employee & Org Goals
  • Helps Identify, Reward & Retain Talent


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