Talent Takeaways: 005 Bruce Johanson – Creating a Compensation & Benefits Philosophy Statement

Talent Takeaways: 005 Bruce Johanson – Creating a Compensation & Benefits Philosophy Statement

In this episode, Brian interviews Bruce Johanson, Principle Partner and Co-Owner of Johanson Group & DB Squared, LLC, a HR/Compensation Software company. Bruce focuses on how to create a compensation & benefits philosophy statement for your organization.

About Bruce:

Bruce Johanson is a Principle Partner and Co-Owner of two Fayetteville, AR-based companies, Johanson Group, a HR/Management consulting firm and DB Squared, LLC, a HR/Compensation software company. He has been with the Johanson Group since 1986 and DB Squared, LLC since its inception in 2005.

Bruce was in Human Resources within the oil and gas industry his first five years after college. He has taught credit and non-credit classes at the University of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University and Webster University since 1984. Bruce holds a degree in HR Management and a MBA from the University of Arkansas. He works with private, public, government and non-profit organizations around the country assisting them with their job evaluation and compensation management needs. He and his twin brother and business partner, Blair, speak regularly at various state-level SHRM conferences in the SW and SE regions of the country.

Interview Questions:

  1. What is a compensation/benefits philosophy statement?
  2. What is the purpose of such statement?
  3. What other important document should the statement be in concert with?
  4. Who is responsible for creating and approving the statement?
  5. What should be included in the statement?
  6. How long should the statement be?
  7. What are the short-run and long-run benefits of an approved statement?
  8. What steps should you take to create a statement and get approved by the Board?

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