4 Keys to Building a Pay Strategy that Improves Engagement

4 Keys to Building a Pay Strategy that Improves Engagement

In this broadcast, compensation expert Ken Gibson (SVP at The VisionLink Advisory Group) will address the shift in rewards approach companies need to make to succeed in a talent marketplace where employees are more empowered than ever. Ken will address the factors that impact employee engagement in today’s business environment and will present 4 keys to building a pay strategy to secure committed, passionate employees.

During this broadcast attendees will learn:

  • What Deloitte’s 2015 report on workforce engagement revealed about the age of the “empowered employee”–and how it’s transforming compensation strategy.
  • The 5 elements of an “Irresistible Organization” and their influence on employee engagement.
  • The 4 keys to designing a pay strategy that will help transform employees into true growth partners.
  • Why a Total Rewards approach to an organization’s value proposition is essential to employee engagement.
  • How employee “contribution aspirations” influence their attitude about compensation.


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