Your HR Summer Reading List

Your HR Summer Reading List

Summer is here and that means we can all enjoy some good weather, a good book and plan that family vacation we’ve been waiting for. In the office though, Summer can be a great time to do some proactive planning, brush up on some skills or research some trends and technology that can help in the busy months ahead.

Over the past year our Talent Takeaways series has hosted some outstanding experts and thought leaders in areas of HR strategy, best practices, compliance, technology and more. So we put together a few of our most popular topics for your Summer reading list.

[Compensation Planning] Comp Planning Pros: How To Design A Cash Compensation Program For Global & Growing Organizations: Global compensation consultant, John Rubino explains how leading organizations are designing compensation plans to drive productivity, engagement & retention!

[Compensation Compliance] Ernst & Young Special Report: Managing Global Compensation – The Quest for Compliance: This exclusive new report from Ernst & Young focused on global compensation compliance is packed with great tips, best practices and statistics that every comp pro needs!

[Retention & Engagement] Stay Interview Success for Managers: This new guide provides practical tips & best practices to get your managers on board with your stay interview program & helps them conduct more effective stay interviews.

[Total Rewards] Communicating Total Rewards: 3 Keys to Building Engagement & Retention: Global rewards expert, Zachary Weinberger shares actionable tips that you can incorporate into your organization to facilitate better communication surrounding total rewards, leading to higher employee retention, stronger commitment & more engagement!

[Performance Reviews] Performance Review Paradigm Shift: 4 Ways To Get Managers & Employees Engaged With Performance Reviews: This new guide takes a simple and relevant approach to changing how your organization thinks about and approaches performance reviews by offering 4 easy-to-implement shifts that will better engage managers and employees in the process.


And if you run out of Netflix shows to watch, you can always browse our library of recorded webinars at We hope you find some great reading & planning resources here and enjoy your Summer!