A Year in Review: “Gratitude & Looking Ahead”

A Year in Review: “Gratitude & Looking Ahead”

This is a time of year where many companies look back to appreciate all they have accomplished.  As I reflect on 2017, I'm filled with gratitude for the many great achievements we've had as a company – exciting sales growth, innovative product enhancements, and expansion into new markets.  And while all of these are wonderful results to be proud of, it's the people behind the results that are what is most important and to whom we are deeply grateful.

Thank you, Customers. We are honored and humbled by the opportunities to collaborate with you and the loyalty you’ve showed towards us. Thank you for trusting us with your business.

Thank you, Partners. The trust you've placed in our company to support you and your customers is one we don't take for granted. Thank you for giving us the honor of partnering with you.

Thank you, Contributors. We give deep thanks to our community of expert contributors that have been generous in sharing their time and expertise. Thank you for creating an invaluable community.

Thank you, HR media. We are deeply humbled and appreciative of the attention, industry recognition and awards we've received. Thank you for supporting us.

Thank you, HRsoft team. You bring the best day-in and day-out. Your loyalty, drive and passion makes this company an amazing place to work. You bring out the best in one another and our products. Thank you for your loyalty and passion.

This year wasn't just a year of gratitude, but also a year of new beginnings as we excitedly look towards serving you in 2018. In pursuit of continuously providing an excellent customer experience, HRsoft is pleased to announce a few recent changes. To respond to our ongoing growth, some of our roles are evolving in new and exciting ways. We’d like to take a moment to spotlight two of the most significant shifts that have been made to support our evolving needs.

To respond to our ongoing growth, some of our roles are evolving in new and exciting ways and to support our evolving needs we've made two significant shifts:

Austin Muzumdar, Senior Vice President of Products and Services, and his teams will continue to be responsible for implementing HRsoft’s solutions for new clients, but he’ll also oversee account management to ensure clients’ ongoing needs are met. By observing and assisting with initial implementation run by the professional services team, Austin will help clients maximize their use of HRsoft’s software and services and continue to monitor their changing business needs.

Austin is thrilled for the opportunity to put his background in implementation and product management to greater use, as his experience has given him unique insights into clients’ specific talent and compensation management needs. The shift will allow him to provide the same level of unwavering focus and accountability we offer in implementation for clients’ ongoing use of our software.

We’ve also made some changes to our marketing team. Cheryl VanOrnum, formerly Marketing Manager, has taken on the role of Director of Marketing. Cheryl now oversees our marketing strategy, brand management, and media relations throughout North America. If you follow us on Twitter or regularly read our blog posts, you may already be familiar with Cheryl and her work.

Cheryl, too, looks forward to continuing to play an instrumental role in the future of HRsoft. With an extensive background in content marketing, branding, search engine optimization, and social media, she’s well-suited to assist us in the endeavors that lie ahead.

You can learn more about the HRsoft team online, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. Thank you for a great 2017 and we look forward to serving you in 2018!