Why Do I Need a HR Content Management System?

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Why Do I Need a HR Content Management System?

Benefits information, HR policies and guidelines – they are all HR Content. This content is important to employees, but too often it can be difficult to find.  It is important for employers to present the appropriate content in a consistent manner to the right people.

Having a centralized HR Content Management System (CMS) makes that possible. Creating and editing content within the CMS is also possible. Changes can be tracked and old versions archived.

Think of the CMS as a central repository for all HR-related content a company needs. What’s more, it is organized to make sure the relevant content is presented to the appropriate associates.

For employees, the CMS is usually accessible from the company’s intranet or using a separate log in. The CMS is the one-stop-shop or hub for all HR information an employee may need, when they need it. This may include benefits and coverage data, policies, compensation information, health and safety content, and retirement plan information.

More about HR Content Management Systems is available by visiting www.HRsoft.com.