What Is Human Resources Software & Why Should You Use It?

human resources software

What Is Human Resources Software & Why Should You Use It?

In recent years, the changing landscape of the business world has placed immense pressure on HR. There’s been a push to keep up with globalization and the 24/7 workday. Yet, in many organizations, HR still has yet to keep up with the changing times. Worse yet, HR’s list of responsibilities hasn’t shrunk at all; if anything, it’s expanded.

Here, we examine HR’s primary functions, and the solutions available to alleviate some of the increasing pressures HR managers face today.

HR’s Compounded Responsibilities

When you consider the overwhelming responsibilities of HR, it’s no wonder that this critical branch of business serves as the backbone responsible for holding together any organization. In specific, these are just a few of HR’s invaluable functions, according to Pace University:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations
  • Compliance


Of course, in most organizations, HR is also responsible for safety, as well as training and development.

A Struggle to Keep Up

The demands of keeping up with the wide range of responsibilities listed above are only part of the struggle HR faces today. The other part of the problem is the fact that while many functions of the workforce are operating in real-time with access to valuable data, HR has, in many ways, been left behind, scrambling to keep up. Today, there are solutions that can bring your HR department up-to-speed with the rest of the workforce’s technological advancements.

The Solution: Human Resources Software

Specifically, one technological solution from which HR (and the organization overall) can benefit is Human Resources software. There are a few different types of applications which can be implemented to facilitate alignment, boost communication, and collect and track valuable data. Some solutions include:

  • Compensation Management Software
  • Performance Management Software
  • Recruitment Management Software
  • Content Management Software


These approaches are so effective because they work with your company’s existing processes and provide assistance through streamlined solutions that save time, boost organization, and facilitate regular, ongoing communication. Further details about how these solutions work can be found here.

Why Now is the Best Time

Having an HR department that functions efficiently is one crucial component of a successful workplace that can help it outperform competitors. But it’s important to act fast, because executives and managers are catching on: according to Forbes contributor Josh Bersin, 57% of companies intend to make “a major new HR software purchase” within the next year and a half, as stated here.

The good news is that it’s not too late to get ahead of the game. You can begin implementing Human Resources software solutions tailored to fit your company right away. Learn more about the complete range of HR software options by visiting the HRsoft product page.


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