What is A Stay Interview?

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What is A Stay Interview?

Stay Interviews Keep Talent Where It Belongs – In Your Company!

Your top-performing employees are one of the most valuable assets of your company.  They perform exemplary work, have unparalleled levels of expertise within their position and help to influence the office culture that your company strives for.  Making sure that you retain individuals with high levels of talent and value is a large part of your competitive edge, so it's important to have a pulse on your staff's job-related satisfaction.

What is a Stay Interview?

The stay interview process is a periodically performed one-on-one meeting between a manager and an employee.  It is conducted in order to reinforce the factors that contribute to continued employment, while identifying and taking steps to minimize any negative influences that may lead to an employee’s departure.

Personnel Benefits of Using Stay Interview Software

When you implement stay interview programs into your existing HR and management toolbox, you'll see how easy and effective the process can be. Not only does this interaction open important dialogues between staff and management, it also helps to back your company's personnel policies with valid data.  Stay interview systems guide interactions, create accountability compliance and create a record of the assets and liabilities within departments and the company as a whole. Other benefits include:

  • Engaging and stimulating employee interaction
  • Customizing every interview for each unique employee
  • Creating a focus on positive job attributes
  • Allowing problematic situations to be addressed

How Can High Impact Stay Interviews Help Your Company?

By encouraging the retention of your best employees, you'll spend less time interviewing, hiring and training new workers.  Keeping your top performers ensures that critical work is getting done and productivity is optimal.  When you choose to integrate a stay interview software system, you'll find that they are:

  • Easy to learn and require little training
  • Integrate with your other talent management modules
  • Lower the demands placed upon HR
  • Inexpensive

It doesn't take a long to figure out that the low cost of purchasing a complete and comprehensively designed system is a drop in the bucket compared to the value of your best employees.  The longer you wait to put this practice into place, the more you risk losing productive and skilled workers.

HRsoft – The Stay Interview Programs Leader

HRsoft is a leading provider of stay interview and employee retention software for mid to large sized companies in North America.  To learn more about our Stay Interview System, STAYview™, click the button below!

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