4 Reasons to Switch to a Web Based Performance Appraisal System

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4 Reasons to Switch to a Web Based Performance Appraisal System

Managing performance is perhaps the most complex responsibility in any organization. Do so effectively and you’ll have a team of motivated and productive contributors who are consistently engaged in their work. Yet, manage performance poorly and you’ll have actively disengaged employees who are disconnected with company priorities.

Today, many employers are transitioning to a web based performance appraisal system. Why? Simply put, today’s business landscape is far different from that of years past. Below are a few reasons why a new, more agile approach to performance management is needed:

  1. The Annual Review Can’t Assess a Year’s Worth of Work. Employees shouldn’t be judged on an entire year’s worth of performance in one formal meeting alone. Josh Bersin argues that not only is this approach uncomfortable for both managers and associates, it’s simply unrealistic to expect a manager to give a fair appraisal of 12 months’ worth of work in one sit-down session.
  2. You’re Losing Productivity. If an employee is performing poorly and a manager waits until the end of the year to address it, think of all the time that has gone by during which improvement could have been initiated. Web-based performance management systems encourage a timely, regular feedback exchange through which managers can provide course-correcting guidance.
  3. Your People Deserve Well-Rounded Feedback. HBR advocates using 360° feedback to give employees a better shot at getting fair, unbiased views of performance. For best results, remind employees to consider their peers’ strengths and how they fit with their respective positions when giving feedback. Additionally, a web-based performance system gives employees a safe space for providing feedback that they might be uncomfortable giving in a face-to-face setting.
  4. It Will Make Formal Reviews Easier: Many employers are realizing that they need both formal and informal processes for reviewing performance. The HRIS World states that while a formal review helps you understand the talent you have by thoroughly assessing performance, it’s also critical to encourage employees more frequently in an informal setting. While the web-based approach can support consistent, informal performance-related feedback, it will also lead to important discussion points for formal reviews.

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