Total Rewards Software – Let Your Employees Know They’re Your #1 Investment!


Total Rewards Software – Let Your Employees Know They’re Your #1 Investment!

What is Total Rewards Software?
As an HR leader, you realize that it is important to compensate your talented employees according to their hard work.  In doing so, you invest in your employees by both cash and non-cash means. Total rewards programs can be implemented to communicate the totality of your companies’ compensation structure. These easy to use, online software portals empower your employees to review their key benefits and compensation.  By integrating this software into your business, your employees will enjoy effortless access to their total rewards statements including medical benefits, tuition programs, 401(k) or retirement investments and other special incentive programs.

Benefits of Implementing Total Rewards Statement Software
Providing access to a centralized database of employee rewards makes it a snap for your workforce to access personalized information about their compensation package.  As your employees become educated about the total value of their earnings, they'll gain a greater appreciation for the incentives you provide.  Satisfied and happy employees tend to experience a higher rate of longevity with their employers.  A seamlessly integrated employee incentive software program can help you to leverage your current personnel investments, and create a more productive workforce.

Providing straightforward and customized information to your staff allows them to clearly enjoy internal business communications.  Due to the interactive visibility of total rewards software, your workforce will always find the latest and most up-to-date information regarding their compensation packages.

How Total Rewards Software Improves Your Business
Incentive tracking software can improve your business in many ways. Demonstrating the total value of your staff's compensation packages allows them to feel more valued and satisfied.  In turn, you'll increase retention of your talented workers.  Promoting a clear understanding of compensation and incentives among your workforce, allows you to nurture your staff's growth and well-being.  A healthy employer/employee relationship is symbiotic in nature, with both parties providing the means for one other's continued success and growth.

HRsoft – The Total Rewards Software Leader
HRsoft is a leading provider of total rewards solutions for mid to large sized employers.  To learn more about our total rewards software, REWARDview™, visit