Is Your Total Rewards Data Secure? 

Is Your Total Rewards Data Secure? 

Employers are faced with a unique dilemma when it comes to Total Rewards (TR) Communication: they need to make the information easy and convenient for associates to access, but it must also be completely secure so as to avoid compromising any confidential data.

By its very nature, every TR communication is highly confidential.


How To Protect Your Data

Security considerations must be a part of the planning process.   If statements are e-mailed, they should always be encrypted.

With an online total rewards statement software solution, security considerations include application-level encryption and decryption algorithms to protect sensitive information.


Security and Confidentiality: A More Detailed Explanation

Tushar Ghoshal, our colleague and Chief Technology Officer with HRsoft, supplied a more technical review of considerations relating to IT security for TR Communication:

The Information Technology system used should have application level encryption and decryption.   All sensitive information should be encrypted. Connections established through SSL should be used for transmittal of sensitive information. It is also recommended to deploy DMZ(s), Stateful Application Firewalls that inspect packets, authentication and single sign on, layers of Internal Firewalls with Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS), access control (ACL) and round the clock monitoring.  Security for outside elements can be covered by a combination of SSO (Single Sign-On) and external firewall solutions.

Access to data should be further restricted by Authorization via Roles, Permissions and Business Hierarchy driven Data Validations. Dynamic/Proactive Security Scans must be run periodically to ensure all security measures in place are tested.

Administrators who have rights to access the system must be trained to have a clear understanding about the confidential nature of the data and to treat all such information on a need-to-know basis.

As part of the TR Communication planning process the IT department plays an active role.   Working together with IT, security and confidentiality issues are identified and addressed.   As system updates and changes are made, IT will make the necessary adjustments so the site continues to meet all requirements.


If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to communicate TR data to your associates, total reward statement software could be a practical solution for your business. HRsoft’s REWARDviewTM software can help keep your TR data safe and secure while still providing easy access to all of the information your associates need to understand the full value of employment with your organization.

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