Tips for Communicating Your Case for an HR Transformation

Tips for Communicating Your Case for an HR Transformation

Building a credible, defensive case for an HR transformation requires an investment of time and effort. Yet, by putting the work in initially, you can craft a compelling case in favor of change, and position HR to become a more strategic partner. However, your work isn’t over once you’ve created your case. The final step is building a powerful communication strategy.

To do this, identify and create a hypothesis, and present it in a way that is consumable by the C-suite. The objective is to present your case using language that resonates with your governing structure – not necessarily the language that is important to HR.

One useful tip for presenting your case as effectively as possible is to retrieve copies of the last five businesses cases that were approved. They could be for IT, marketing, sales, or virtually any other function; what’s most important is the tone that was used. Even seemingly insignificant details, such as how financials were presented, could be helpful in creating a compelling case. Speak in a language that is easily consumable and pay special attention to the function and format of your business case.

Here are some questions to consider when writing your case:

  • What is the emphasis for change? Why must the change take place now?
  • What are the business benefits? Will the change foster growth, accelerate results, improve engagement scores, or mitigate risks?
  • What are the metrics that will be used to measure the success of the transformation?
  • What is the scope of the transformation? Which populations will be impacted?
  • Who are the sponsors?
  • What is the projected timeline for the transformation?
  • What are the critical financials?

Ultimately, the justification for each HR transformation will be different from one company to the next. In some cases, financial aspects may be the key driving force behind the change. In others, the feedback of the voice may compel governing boards to lend their support. The key to gaining approval is to identify your organization’s most critical pain points and present them in a way that will influence your C-suite.

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