The Performance Management Process: Using Competencies to Your Advantage


The Performance Management Process: Using Competencies to Your Advantage

So, which competencies should I use in my organization’s performance management process?

That question arises all of the time. Some consultants say they have perfected the exact right ones for every organization.  To those folks I say you are better men and women than me.  In my experience there are no specific competencies that all organizations alike should focus on nor wrong ones.  Well, perhaps some wrong ones do come to mind.

That said it does not have to be a complicated process to determine which competencies to use.  Simply consider your organization, your competitive advantage and more broadly what keeps you humming and will do so in the future and that determine your competency selections. As an example, we recently did a webinar with Don Adams from Bashas’s Inc. a retail grocery chain in the SW.  They fight every day against the likes of Wal-Mart & Kroger.  To compete they realized that they had to offer a better shopping experience while still keeping prices competitive.  To do so they needed to focus their people on customer service to directly enhance the customer experience, teamwork to increase efficiency, and building customer loyalty as a customer retained helped the bottom line even more than adding a new one.

When you use competencies that directly relate to what drives your business you realize these obvious benefits: 1. People work on things that matter & 2. People respect the process and their manager more and performance management becomes engaging vs. a waste of time.  That may seem obvious, but if it is so obvious than look at the average organization’s competency set or what some of these consultants are selling and tell me how obvious it is then.

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Guest post by Austin Muzumdar, SVP Client Success, HRsoft