The Correlation Between High Impact Performers and Influence

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The Correlation Between High Impact Performers and Influence

My mentor in the HCM space, Michael Zwell PhD, surprised me when he asked me to identify the competency most linked to high impact/high performers. I thought communication, teamwork, and other typical leadership associated competencies, but he insisted it was influence.  I did not totally buy in at the time, but experience has proven him right.

Think about the brightest person you know.  Now take away their ability to get anyone on board and nothing will get done.  It may take a village to raise a child, but it often takes a full scale city to get the job done at work.  You need partners and believers to get the job done.  If you want to be the next Steve jobs, FDR, Derek Jeter or just want more consensus builders in your organization, think about focusing on the competency below.  We recommend including it as one of the 7 core competencies all members of every single organization is reviewed upon.  We don’t mind if you tell your folks it was your idea and practice your influence skills at all. Come back each week as we chat about the other 6 high impact competencies we recommend and discuss how to incorporate each into a fresh, simple and high impact performance management process.


Effectively impacts organizations, persuades, and gains the support of others.

Key Behaviors:

  • Presents one's point of view in a way that enlists others' support
  • Demonstrates how one's position benefits the audience
  • Elicits and responds to objections
  • Develops and presents persuasive arguments to address the concerns, wants, and needs of others
  • Anticipates reactions and objections and plans how to overcome them
  • Uses new information or approaches to overcome major resistance or objections
  • Identifies key decision-makers and the people that influence them
  • Builds alliances and enlists third party support and outside resources

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Guest Blogger: Austin Muzumdar – SVP, Client Success – HRsoft