The Changing Nature of Employee Engagement and Retention

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The Changing Nature of Employee Engagement and Retention

There has been a seismic shift in the attachment that employees have for their employers in the wake of the global financial crisis. Employees appear to be less satisfied in their positions and recognize the importance of keeping their options open. Employees are also ready to switch jobs should the need arise based on their assessment of the reputation and future direction of their companies as well as their perceived potential for personal growth and fulfillment. In this environment, it is crucial that employers take proactive steps to engage and retain their top talent.

Meaningful Feedback, Employee Engagement and Retention – What do they have in common?
Engagement reflects the energy and commitment that an employee brings to their work. It is a key indicator of their dedication and involvement. Employees who are engaged are more productive and loyal to the organization. A good communication plan, built on clarity, consistency and transparency, is an essential cornerstone of engagement. It should focus on building relationships and engaging people in a meaningful manner. Employee engagement surveys and stay interview systems can help gauge the pulse of an organization. By tracking and communicating progress, employees will feel confident that they are working for a winning organization. Feedback mechanisms also let employees know:

  • How they are performing
  • How they fit in
  • What the future may hold for them

Because good employees are hard to find, it is important that managers identify at-risk employees to avoid the costs associated with turnover. Employees who are satisfied and derive meaning from their jobs are more likely to stay put.

Benefits of Stay Interview Software
Employee engagement surveys and stay interview programs are real-time tools that can help organizations develop an effective retention strategy. A structured, one-on-one retention interview helps managers learn the specific actions that must be taken to strengthen the engagement of their current workers and improve employee retention. During the process, managers will learn:

  • Why employees stay at your organization
  • Current factors that negatively affect job performance
  • Thoughts on leadership and the organization’s direction
  • Possible reasons for leaving

HRsoft – The Stay Interview Software Leader

HRsoft is a cloud-based, high-impact software company that specializes in improving the human resource effectiveness of small to mid-size employers. With the right interview and retention systems in place, you can maintain a high standard of efficiency while improving your employee retention rates.

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