How to Test Your Total Rewards Communication System 

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How to Test Your Total Rewards Communication System 

Prior to having your Total Rewards (TR) Communication system go live, it’s critical to test it to ensure that there are no errors. Even for printed total rewards statements, having a few different sets of eyes look over the information is always a good idea.

Here are some considerations you may want to address before rolling out a TR Communication system in your organization.

Why It’s Important

With a print or e-mail statement or an online TR Communication system, adequate time and resources must be allowed for thorough testing of the data and content.   It sounds basic.   But it is often overlooked.

The last thing anyone wants is to introduce a new exciting program, only to have incorrect data presented.   Adequate testing and Quality Assurance reviews are necessary before the launch of a TR Communication.

The Most Effective Testing Method

You may find that a Pilot Phase could be useful.   To do this, select a small group of employees to preview their TR Statements or access the online site.  Ask for their suggestions.


Benefits Of A Pilot Phase

Some companies have deliberately started introducing the TR Communication to a sub-set of employees.   This can have the effect of creating some buzz and more opportunities to draw attention to the program.   The employer states “We are starting it with this group of employees and then adding other groups over time.”   As each new group is added another, announcement can be made.

Think of it like the new movie that opens in selected cities, and then opens in more locations on different dates.

Besides the opportunity to shine a light on the TR Communication at different times, the phased-in approach also gives the Project Team a chance to tweak and refine the product.

Of course, before you can test your TR Communication strategy, it’s best to make sure that you’ve optimized your approach by following best practices and incorporating company goals into your methodology. For more total rewards and employee benefits statements tips, feel free to check out the Total Rewards section of our blog.

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