How to Successfully Design Your Total Rewards Statement or Website 

How to Successfully Design Your Total Rewards Statement or Website 

One of the most important aspects of communicating Total Rewards (TR) to your employees is designing a website or employee benefits statement that’s easy to access, use, and understand. Here, we’ll show you how you can create total rewards statements and/or a website that employees can use as a valuable resource to understand the “big picture” of how you’re rewarding them for their contributions.

What It Is

The TR Communication Statement or online site is an opportunity to convey important information to associates in a user friendly and visually appealing way.   Having an exciting design is important, but it should not overshadow the content or make it difficult for employees to figure out what is being presented.

Emphasizing Ease Of Use

The associate experience is critical.    Attention should be given to making it effortless and intuitive for associates to see and understand the content presented.

To help give associates a positive experience and a proper understanding of the content presented use:

  • Clear, short descriptions of all data
  • Plain language
  • A logical flow of information.


Making It Appealing

A great design can catch the attention of associates and present something new for employees.  Total Rewards Communication can have a fresh look while still following corporate design standards – logos, fonts, colors, and graphics.

Including Critical Information

Below is a typical outline listing the sections that may be included in a TR Communication that may be helpful as a basic guide:

  1. What it is.   Introduction – What the TR Communication is about.  The goals.
  1. Why.  Why the employer has generous compensation and benefits for associates.
  1. Summary of the value of the elements presented.   This can be presented in a table and in a chart, such as a pie chart showing the different items.
  1. Sections for the elements and the associated financial values of items included in the TR Communication by category:  (Compensation, Benefits, Work-Life, Performance and Recognition, Development and Career Opportunities.)
  1. Modeling and Calculator features.
  1. Resource List.


Ultimately, you can personalize your website or total rewards statements in whichever ways you see fit, but keep in mind that simplicity and ease of use are paramount. After all, your goal is to achieve clarity and improve communication with employees, so focus on making information easy to access and understand.

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