Why You Should Use a Strengths-Based Performance Management System

Performance Management System

Why You Should Use a Strengths-Based Performance Management System

Employers want their associates to perform at their very best, and while there are many ways to help them do so, one of the most effective tactics is using a strengths-based performance management system.

Below is some compelling evidence that shows how tapping into your employees’ existing strengths through your performance management system could yield significant results:

  • Improving Strengths Makes Employees Happier
    According to a recent Talent Management article, research has shown that when employees succeed by utilizing their strengths, they are happier and more empowered at work. This creates better quality of work and improves bottom-line results.Some performance management software solutions provide tools such as 360 feedback and real-time reporting to help employees identify their strongest skills and talents. Also, by tracking employees’ progress, managers can provide actionable feedback and coach employees to help them build their strengths.
  • Building Strengths Is Easier Than Improving Weaknesses
    Strengths are easier to improve than weaknesses because the foundation for success is already there. The employee already excels in a certain area, and with further coaching and new challenges, he or she can improve even more. Additionally, Gallup research shows that employers who emphasize strengths-building management (versus improving weaknesses) witness better performance, retention, and engagement.


  • Strengths-Driven Management Creates Autonomy
    Utilizing performance management software allows employees to achieve a sense of independence, thereby providing them the opportunity to accomplish their tasks in whichever ways align best with their existing strengths.Managers who provide support when needed and avoid micromanaging experience the best results in terms of developing employees’ strengths. A performance management system that tracks goals and progress is helpful because it allows managers to watch from afar to make sure that employees are accomplishing their goals without hovering and thwarting progress. It’s also crucial to make sure that a strengths-based approach is implemented with employees who already have initiative and drive, according to LiquidPlanner. Otherwise, providing too much independence could backfire.


If you’re considering performance software to boost your team members’ strengths, be sure to seek out a solution that fits well with your company’s existing processes and makes goals more manageable.


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