Stay Interviews – Using Employee Retention Software to Improve Engagement

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Stay Interviews – Using Employee Retention Software to Improve Engagement

How Does a Stay Interview Software System Relate to Employee Retention?

Your company is a leader within its industry, your pay rates and benefits packages are competitive and you have a “work hard, play hard” corporate culture. So why some top-performing employees still leave?

If your company seems like a great place to work but you can't manage to hold on to talented workers, taking a closer look at your employee engagement strategy might yield some important answers.  Stay interviews are a critical component of employee engagement, and they are an important process to consider when looking for a solution to high turnover rates.  Stay interview systems help to schedule, automate and record the findings of these valuable meetings.  By performing stay interviews at regular intervals, you'll increase employee engagement resulting in better productivity, profits, morale and of course – lower turnover costs..

How to Make the Stay Interview Process Work for Line Managers

As a manager, you may be wondering how to fit another task into your already jam-packed day. Luckily, automated stay interview software will do most of the work for you!  It allows you focus on increasing employee engagement, which will allow you to cultivate and retain the talent that can drive your company to success.  Stay Interview retention software offers the following tools:

  • Pre-structured interview templates
  • Planning features to create targeted accountability strategies that address issues discussed during the interview
  • Retention and forecasting metrics
  • Manager-specific retention reports

Providing managers with these powerful capabilities allow your management team focus on employee engagement while an easily integrated system does all the administrative work for them.

Decrease Employee Turnover with a Dynamic Stay Interview Program

Employee satisfaction is closely related to how engaged and valued they feel.  When workers receive one-on-one time with management, they feel validated.  Once you start adopting plans of action to address these issues they'll feel valued beyond belief!  By fostering an atmosphere of open communication and corporate responsibility, you'll create a workplace in which your staff feels comfortable and motivated to succeed.  Building trust within your workforce can begin with the simple decision to implement a stay interview system.


HRsoft – The Employee Retention Software Leader

HRsoft is a leading provider of stay interview and employee retention software for mid to large sized companies in North America.  To learn more about our Stay Interview System, STAYview™, click the button below!

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