Stay Interview Research – What Questions Should You Be Asking?

Stay Interview Research

Stay Interview Research – What Questions Should You Be Asking?

If you want to engage and motivate your employees on a consistent basis, then here is a simple step you can take – conduct stay interviews. Stay interviews have proven themselves to be one of the most effective ways to make your employees think about why they want to stay at your company. However, if your stay interview is conducted only for the sake of going through a process, it is only going to end up wasting your employees’ and managers’ time.

Benefits of A Stay Interview

Stay interviews can help you understand what your employees like about their position, as well as the areas they would like to see improved. Here are a few other benefits to conducting stay interviews:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve morale within the workplace
  • Add a personal touch to workplace relationships
  • Inexpensive

Importance of Stay Interview Research

To conduct a successful stay interview, the manager needs to prepare and do extensive research to know what kind of questions he should ask and what kind of topic he should touch upon during the course of the interview. It is also important to plan the frequency of your stay interviews and identify the people whom you want to place at a higher priority over the rest.

Without a clear plan to follow and a tracking tool to record interview results, stay interviews can easily be a waste of valuable time for managers.

To conduct a successful stay interview, here are a few questions managers may want to consider asking:

  • Why does the employee stay?
  • What motivates them to join in the beginning?
  • What do they look forward to at work?
  • How do they feel about the workplace and colleagues?

Every battle is won before it is fought. Being well prepared for a stay interview can makes a world of difference in your desired outcome! That is why HRsoft created a Stay Interview Solution, STAYview.


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